Docurated asked our CEO, Eric Jackson, what is the biggest challenge that firms face when selling to financial services clients today. Here’s what he had to say.

“Security. Clients in financial services have greater security concerns than those in most other verticals because of the sensitivity of the data they’re working with and the frequent need to share information with outside parties. Add to this extensive regulatory compliance needs, and you can see why security is at the forefront of financial service firms’ minds when choosing a new product.

“This is why FinServe firms so often continue to rely on old and outdated software – it’s viewed as well-known and therefore safe, even though antiquated technology can pose a host of other risks.

“There’s no one silver bullet for addressing these concerns. At CapLinked, we’ve incorporated best practices into our product and our company’s procedures, and we’ve completed third-party audits to document this for clients. Since we sell enterprise sharing software that’s designed to keep data safe when it’s shared with outside parties, it’s crucial that clients understand the extent to which we go to embed security every step of the way.”

Note: The entire piece from Docurated, which includes responses from other CEOs across different industries, can be found here.

CapLinked’s virtual data rooms provides a combination of advanced security tools and nuanced permission settings empowers companies with a safe way to manage enterprise sharing.