Using a Data Room to Protect Digital Rights Management Documents


Walking the line between security and accessibility is never easy, especially when your clients want to be able to view the work in progress as you put together a new project. When you need to be able to collaborate and share documents while retaining total control over who has access and at what level they have it, you need to consider what a DRM enabled data room can do for your operation. Digital rights management on its own provides some protection against copying and alteration by third parties, but only by combining it with the other data security measures used in the construction of data rooms can you get total control.


What Makes Management Within Data Rooms Different?


If there’s only one difference you will notice about putting rights management into place with the additional security measures offered by data rooms, it’s the ability to grant and revoke access at any time. It’s easy to think you have that advantage already, but can you revoke access rights to a document after it’s already been downloaded? Can you upgrade and downgrade permissions to allow for alterations to be made with short-term permissions when needed? Can you do it for files after they’re downloaded from your resources?


All these things are possible when you use digital rights management software that is integrated into your data room. The results are striking. With that one little change””the ability to grant and revoke access after download””your data protections extend to every location your document reaches, giving you total control over every copy, everywhere.


Unveil New Projects Without Fear


No one likes to talk about it, but every firm has had it happen. You’ve started on a project, drawn up concepts or maybe even a prototype design, and the client and concept files both go missing. When you use a full-range DRM in your data rooms, you don’t have to worry about that, because you can simply make the files unreadable if you lose touch. Of course, those situations are rare. Much more common is the situation where an employee of the client leaks the information and files””but that’s also impossible when you use the combination of data rooms and secure digital rights.


Collaborate Anywhere Without Compromising Security


It’s one thing to say you can collaborate remotely without worry, but what does that look like? Here are some of the day-to-day operations you can count on improving with your digital rights solutions paired with data rooms.


  • Create a secure workspace with cloud storage and sign-in to access your data from anyplace if you’ve got credentials.
  • Manage permissions on the fly to upgrade team members when it’s their time to contribute, allow clients to make changes on the document, or shut out everyone but the core creative team as needed.
  • Manage the number of downloaded copies checked out and their versioning.
  • Count on everyone to get every update, so your team is always working toward the same ends.
  • Control access absolutely, shutting down document instances whenever you need to.
  • Useful for any kind of document””DRM is flexible and embedded in the file, not the formatting.


If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the flexibility that comes from allowing your team to work from anywhere they happen to be, you need security solutions that make it safe to do so, and that’s just what you get with this kind of package. Secure digital rights solutions from a provider of virtual security rooms will do just that.


Virtual Data Rooms vs. Physical Data Rooms


As cloud providers of virtual services get more and more popular, legacy providers of services like data rooms are beginning to make the argument their products are more secure. While it’s true that a physically segregated data center that isn’t wired to any outside networks will always be the most secure option, it simply isn’t practical for any operation that needs to collaborate across long distances. When you check files out of a physical data center, you’re walking away with a copy you can then manipulate as you see fit. Either that, or you’re not going to be able to copy it onto media that can leave the center.


When you work with virtual data security solutions, you enjoy a similar level of protection, and it’s the digital rights protections that make it so safe and secure. When you can dictate whether a file can be accessed on someone else’s system if it originated on yours, the same concerns that usually surround virtual security rooms just disappear. It’s all about finding a provider you can trust, one who can deliver the full range of control options you need. Not all data security providers are created equally, and not all of them offer the same range of DRM tools. Virtual providers on the cutting edge are in high demand for a reason.