flow chart risk management

Verba Technologies negates risk with CapLinked DRM, Q&A, and watermarking


Verba Technologies equips businesses with the tools necessary to take a proactive approach to compliance and risk management. The platform gives businesses the ability to search, monitor and analyze data from different internal and external communication channels. Verba’s built-in technologies enables business administrators to anticipate and take action when regulation policies are in jeopardy of being violated.

Verba was in need of an internal collaboration tool for sensitive corporate information. They had specific requirements regarding the visibility of data for internal and external parties. It was imperative that internal users have the ability to leave comments on files that would not be visible to external parties as well as external users not being able to detect that other external users exist on the platform. CapLinked’s Q&A feature has given Verba administrators the ability to collaborate on documents without having to worry about external parties accessing their comments or notes. They can also rest assured knowing the external parties can leave questions and comments on files that only the asker and internal parties will be able to view.

DRM provided Verba strong document control


In addition to private comments and notes, Verba wanted to ensure they have full control over the data they are sharing with external parties. In order to accomplish this goal, Verba enabled CapLinked’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) tool. They utilize the DRM tool to allow their external parties to download the data they have shared while having the ability to revoke access of the external parties at any time.

Verba relies on CapLinked’s secure platform to collaborate internally and share data with external parties without having to worry about the data falling into the wrong hands


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