Licensing & Business Development

CapLinked is the most flexible and easy-to-use platform for managing licensing and business development deals. CapLinked provides a complete suite of tools for information control, enabling both sides in a potential relationship to exchange sensitive files with confidence. With CapLinked, shared data can be tracked and controlled throughout the process, and even recalled when the negotiations are over. Reports are easy to generate, and setup can be done in a manner of minutes.

Why use CapLinked for licensing and business development deals?

  • Eliminate the risk of losing sensitive data when sharing with external parties
  • Always know the status and availability of shared assets with our powerful reporting tools
  • Enjoy ease of use and rapid set-up with our user-friendly interface and flexible controls
  • Speed up your deals with a platform that specializes in external sharing and makes it easy for colleagues, legal counsel, and others to collaborate
See how CapLinked puts you in control of your deals