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The CapLinked API

The full power of CapLinked’s data protection API programmatically

Secure your data without the hassle.

Your company needs to share sensitive information with external parties, but what if you don’t have the resources to build out security measures yourself? How do you ensure control over your data, no matter where it goes? How do you add security to your existing workflow without bulking up your existing technology stack? Meet CapLinked…

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Your data is safe with CapLinked.

CapLinked offers API data protection that lets you seamlessly integrate with any application to quickly and easily share, protect, and track your business’s sensitive information. From NDAs to contracts to financial records, CapLinked secures your data under the highest standards the second it leaves your possession. AES 256-bit encryption and granular permission settings protect your data everywhere it goes.

Enhance your technology stack.

Integrate the CapLinked API seamlessly into your other enterprise applications, including the file sharing platforms you’re already using such as email, Box, Dropbox, and Office365. Protect your data from any device without plugins or additional software. We make it easy to collaborate with internal and external parties while maintaining full control over your data processing.

Protection from start to finish.

Protect any type of file, including Office, PDF, and media files, on any device. Leverage the CapLinked Rest API via any application, including apps in Java, Ruby, C++ and more. See exactly where your data has traveled and how it’s being used in real-time. With end-to-end data encryption, comprehensive activity tracking, watermarking, plugin-free Digital Rights Management, cloud data backup, and more, CapLinked gives you flexibility in how you want to streamline your workflows and share securely.

The Building Blocks of Secure Sharing

Robust Security Modules

No two businesses are alike. That’s why the CapLinked API allows you to customize the way you manage and share data. Integrate CapLinked’s powerful security modules into your existing apps to help improve your workflows.

What Are Different Types of Data Protection?

Using various types of data protection creates a layered, complex data security system able to defend against wide-ranging threats. Common data protection features include: 

  • Encryption – Data security best practices include encoding personal information, customer data, and other sensitive information. In the case of a data breach, encryption provides an additional layer of protection 
  • Firewalls – This common cyber protection measure blocks unauthorized access at the network level, adding security to multiple company devices at once. 
  • Data loss prevention – This software detects potential breaches when data is in use, in transit, and in storage.

What is Data Protection Software?

In accordance with various privacy regulations, including GDPR compliance, data protection software provides advanced digital protection against data loss, misuse, and theft. This software comes in various forms, from proprietary internal systems to adaptable data protection API. Data protection software has the following capabilities: 

  • Data recovery – Encrypted data backup and data storage features are helpful if your data is lost or corrupted. Cloud storage can be particularly useful, allowing for secure remote access. 
  • Data privacy – These features ensure your business uses data in line with general data protection regulations. Data privacy often involves the treatment of personal data. 
  • Data security – Advanced security features for the network and for individual devices protect business data from unauthorized access.

Virtual Data Room Pricing Made Simple

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Team Plan Save $150

Our starter virtual data room plan grants teams access to the secure document sharing and advanced security features they need.


($299/month after the 1st month)


Our enterprise plan is ideal for companies that conduct due diligence and close deals as part of their core business functions. Enterprise clients receive exclusive access to Concierge Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual data room is a secure document sharing platform that hosts data and allows for collaboration on documents. It is commonly used to facilitate due dilligence process during the M&A process.

A virtual data room provides higher security measures than simple document sharing platforms. The common online sharing platforms, like Dropbox and Google Drive, do not provide security level like Caplinked VDR does. Without using a secure virtual data room, data can be breached through unwanted external sources and password sharing.

No, a VDR has a higher security standard compared to a transaction room. Although a transaction room can be sufficient for simple business needs, it doesn’t meet the requirement for bank-level security and encryption. A cloud-based VDR like Caplinked also provides project management and collaboration features which a transaction room can’t fulfil. Understanding the difference between a VDR and a transaction room can help you decide on what you should use.
Here are some must-have features of a VDR as a secured file sharing platform: security thresholds, access control, ease of collaboration. You can learn further about features of VDR here.

A virtual data room can be used for any industry that requires a secure platform to share and collaborate on documents. It is essential for M&A deals, as a virtual data room allows a secure and easy space to control access for different levels of users, file collaboration, and document editing.

Please reference the pricing page.

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