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A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is the modern day, information-age equivalent of a physical data room, a place where investors, bankers, managers, brokers, and owners can get together to examine the documents necessary for business transactions such as Mergers and Acquisitions, IPOs, Investment Opportunities, and much more. In these rooms are documents that are essential to the process, but strict security must be maintained, lest the documentation be leaked to parties who shouldn’t have it. Virtual Data Rooms are the answer. By implementing strict controls on who has viewing rights, copying rights, printing ability, and signing authority, these documents can remain in a VDR and all of the interested parties don’t need to leave the comfort of their offices.

Features of the Virtual Data Room

Not only do interested parties not have to travel to the physical data room, there are additional benefits that come from a fully digital data room:

  • Virtual Footprint: You always know who looked at what and when
  • Preview without Downloading: You can see a document without downloading the entire thing
  • Control Your Data: You’re in control of your information, and it never leaves your digital hands. Viewers aren’t able to copy or print the data without your express permission.
  • Download Your Data Room with a Click: We don’t need to send you a software package in the mail, or send a technician to install it. It’s as easy as clicking the mouse and you’ll have it.
  • 15 Minute Set-up, no plug-ins
  • Effective Document Processing for most file types
  • Invite Users with multiple copy and paste, and enable view, download, and DRM

Easy Setup

Setup a Caplinked Workspace in under 10 minutes using a fully configurable platform that lets you control security, permissions, and notification settings. Then upload unlimited documents directly from your browser—without the need for plugins—or use SafeLink, Caplinked’s desktop uploader.

Access Control

Many parties from many organizations will be involved in the decisions you make in your VDR, and you can make sure that each party sees just what you want them to see and nothing more. Create custom groups and configure view, download, and upload access to entire folders and subfolders, and automatically expire all access to specified Workspaces whenever you choose


Complete Transaction Activity Insight

Track all action and changes made within a Workspace, including document views, downloads, uploads, permission changes, and viewed pages. Maintain a comprehensive audit trail and retain document security.

Share Securely

Caplined protects your documents and files digitally and physically under the strictest international standards and accreditations. All data is connected using HTTPS, encrypted using 256-bit standard, and hosted via Amazon Web Services. Accreditations include ISO 27001, SOC2/SSAE 18/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS70 Type II), and PCI SAQ-D.

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“CapLinked delivers the goods. CapLinked’s elegantly simple yet robust modern technology eliminates the roadblocks and headaches I’ve experienced with competing platforms of yesteryear.”

-Senior Associate, American Capital

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