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Just a few years ago, a data room was a physical room where important or sensitive papers could be stored. Bankers, investors, brokers and lawyers would use these rooms at scheduled times to examine documents that were required for business transactions. Fast-forward to today and these physical rooms have become exceedingly rare, replaced by virtual data rooms.

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What is A Virtual Data Room?

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) provide secure storage for digital documents and limit access to only those who are authorized to view them. They are used extensively for business transactions, including M&As, IPOs, banking and investing. Stakeholders can securely access documents at specific times, from any platform, and from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Businesses, governments and other organizations have found a wide variety of uses for VDRs for document sharing and collaboration.

In short, a VDR is used whenever someone needs to securely store information and make it available to a limited group of people. Companies upload data which can be instantly accessed by anyone who needs it, regardless of where those people are in the world. And when they no longer require access, their permissions can be turned off and access revoked — including to any documents that have been downloaded, thanks to digital rights management (DRM).

Industries That Need Virtual Data Rooms

Why Do You Need A Virtual Data Room?

Today’s VDR is quickly replacing a wide range of outdated business technologies. This is primarily due to the exceptional security it provides, ease of use and a price point that reduces costs. Most likely, your organization is already using cloud storage for important documents — but that’s without the advanced security measures a VDR provides, and most likely at a similar, or even higher price.

Common Use Cases of Virtual Data Rooms

Using a VDR is a sound decision whenever security and data access are concerns. There is no limit to the number or type of files that can be securely stored in a VDR, including PDFs, data logs and even videos. Every organization has its own reasons for adopting a VDR solution, but these are some of the most common uses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual data room is a secure document sharing platform that hosts data and allows for collaboration on documents. It is commonly used to facilitate due dilligence process during the M&A process.
A virtual data provides higher security measures than simple document sharing platforms. The common online sharing platforms, like Dropbox and Google Drive, do not provide security level like Caplinked VDR does. Without using a secure virtual data room, data can be breached through unwanted external sources and password sharing.
No, a VDR has a higher security standard compared to a transaction room. Although a transaction room can be sufficient for simple business needs, it doesn’t meet the requirement for bank-level security and encryption. A cloud-based VDR like Caplinked also provides project management and collaboration features which a transaction room can’t fulfil. Understanding the difference between a VDR and a transaction room can help you decide on what you should use.
Here are some must-have features of a VDR as a secured file sharing platform: security thresholds, access control, ease of collaboration. You can learn further about features of VDR here.
A virtual data room can be used for any industry that requires a secure platform to share and collaborate on documents. It is essential for M&A deals, as a virtual data room allows a secure and easy space to control access levels of users, file collaboration, and document editing.
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