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Secure Document Management System

Confidently share and manage your most sensitive files and documents using the industry’s leading solution.
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Easy Document Management with CapLinked

A secure document management system is essential for sharing confidential information. Set access controls and safely store your most sensitive electronic documents with CapLinked. Secure document management with CapLinked is intuitive and the setup is quick and easy. Our user-friendly interface means you can focus on your deal, not navigating outdated technology. With industry-recognized security credentials and customizable permission settings, you can safely share documents with external parties without worrying about your information ending up in the wrong hands. Why make digital asset management more complicated than it needs to be?

Why choose CapLinked?

Sharing files through CapLinked is easier, faster, and more centralized than through an FTP service or via email, making it your ideal secure document management solution. Access CapLinked through your browser from any desktop or mobile device (Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone) without the hassle of additional software or plugins. Our proprietary technology automatically formats your uploaded files to make them viewable in your browser. Securely sharing and storing secure documents online has never been easier. CapLinked is the all-in-one secure document management system for your next big deal.

How virtual data rooms work

What Are Different Types of Document Management Systems?

A document management system can answer your business’s unique needs. But not all document management systems were created equal. If you’re looking for fast file-sharing, custom access control features, and safe storage systems for sensitive files, an ordinary DMS might fall short. 

Whether you need a compliant system for sharing legal documents or a solution that streamlines your day-to-day business processes, a secure document management system like CapLinked covers all of the bases. 

Here’s what you’ll gain from our electronic document management solutions:

  • Easy file-sharing and content management – Accelerate your file-sharing processes by storing important forms, documents, and assets in a secure digital  data room that’s centrally located and easily accessible to key stakeholders. Store everything from marketing materials to financial legal documents, and cut down on the time it takes to distribute and download pertinent files.    

  • Enhanced transparency Enjoy heightened levels of transparency in your business processes with snap-shot insights that reveal who’s accessing, downloading, and uploading files. Featuring activity-tracking capabilities, our electronic document management software ensures that you’re always in the know.

  • Heightened security – With permission access control, CapLinked VDRs help to promote compliance and safeguard against unauthorized access. Not every member of your organization needs to work with the same files—tailor your permissions to best suit your business’s needs. 

  • Smoother project management – Using document management software from the planning to the execution of a project can help delegate tasks efficiently, ensure all team members have access to the necessary information, and synchronize task completion. 

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Save Time

Streamline your workflow using a single, intuitive document management solution with unrivaled upload speeds.

Stay Secure

Industry-recognized security credentials and robust activity tracking to keep all your data safe.

Clear Pricing

Clear and flexible pricing to fit your business or project needs, and no hidden fees, ever. Start a Free Trial Today!

Simple and Secure Document Management From Start To Finish:

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1. Upload

Managing thousands (or more) of protected documents has never been this fast or easy.

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2. Invite

Advanced permissions control who gets virtual data room access at all times to as many people as you want.

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3. Collaborate

Q&A, versioning, notifications, and mobile access are just a few ways. Get a demo to learn more.

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4. Track

Downloads, uploads, views, updates, comments, and custom reports, Even control file access after download from your virtual data room with
FileProtect DRM

World Class Security

CapLinked is SSAE16 Type II certified, and all data is hosted and managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) via their secure data centers. We don’t rely on insecure applications to protect your sensitive information. Workspaces are private and permission-based—only administrators can control who can access which files. Watermarking and digital rights management (DRM) tools allow full control over distributed documents.

Client Success

Create and share your CapLinked workspace in under 10 minutes. Customize your workspace with a fully configurable platform that lets you control security, permissions, and notification settings. Configure users into teams to help keep track of multiple workspaces and to collaborate with colleagues. Helpful tools like Activity Tracker and Q&A keep everyone on the same page and can facilitate due diligence, audits, and other critical processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without using a secure virtual data room, data can be breached through unwanted external sources and password sharing.

While there are endless ways to share files online, the most secure way to transfer confidential information is through a virtual data room (VDR) that protects and encrypts your data end-to-end. Caplinked provides a secure platform to conduct and share information with ease.

You need to evaluate each online file sharing platform based on several essential factors, from the control capabilities, compliance and industry standards, to customer service. Please read the 7 features each document security system should have.

No, those online sharing platforms don’t provide enough security for your due diligence. In 2016, file hosting site Dropbox was hacked. Millions of people had their login credentials exposed, which prompted the company to reset all passwords going back four years. Learn more which secure file sharing platform you should use here.

A transaction room allows all parties to sign documents easily. However, it may not be a secure file sharing platform. In some situations, such as due diligence before an M&A deal, may require a higher level of security that a virtual data room provides. Know the difference between a transaction room and VDR before sharing any file online.

The due diligence process before a merger and acquisition deal will work on highly confidential documents like financial statements, assets, employees data and payroll. In addition to that, there are several parties working on the report. CapLinked makes it easier to compile your due diligence report by enabling your staff to track changes in files, manage file permissions, and even revoke access after download.

You can secure your Word Documents by making them Read-Only and/or encrypt them with a password. However, if you are working on highly sensitive materials, individual document protection is not enough.

You should encrypt your business documents, especially if they contain confidential information and will be shared with multiple people. The level of encryption may vary depending on your business needs. Learn more about types of encryption here.

CapLinked provides a secure document sharing platform for all types of business. It enables different parties to share data and communicate without the risk of any information breach.

User access can by monitored, adjusted, and/or removed at anytime by administrators to the dataroom via the Permissions module on the CapLinked browser.

The Right Plan for Your Business

CapLinked has you covered, whether conducting due diligence and closing deals are a part of your business’s core initiatives, or you just need a data room for a one-off project.


Our enterprise plan is ideal for companies that conduct due diligence and close deals as part of their core business functions. Enterprise clients receive exclusive access to Concierge Services.

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