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FileProtect Digital Rights Management

Plugin-free DRM technology for enterprise.
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Keep Files Protected

Protect your enterprise documents with the most secure technology available. FileProtect provides a secure digital rights management (DRM) wrapper around all your sensitive PDF and Microsoft Office files. When a file is downloaded, viewers must login with secure credentials to open the document. Grant or restrict access permissions for viewing and printing, or completely revoke access to files once they’ve been downloaded. Control is at your fingertips.

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No Plugins. No Updates. Ever.

Unlike other document sharing platforms, CapLinked’s digital rights management technology requires zero plugins to view PDFs and Microsoft Office files in-browser. No need to slow down your deals with frequent plugin updates or software installations. Zero plugins also means a more secure connection. You never have to worry about plugins being compromised. With FileProtect DRM technology, it all just works!

Complete Access Control

You decide who sees what documents and when, even those that need to be downloaded or printed. Sharing information outside your company has never been easier—or safer.

Shred Any Document, Any Time

Revoke access from anyone who has downloaded a file, or set an expiration date for downloading documents in a timely manner. Never worry about outdated versions or confidential information leaving your control. Admins can set a future expiration date for a group that will disable their overall access within the data room, including disabling access to download DRM-protected documents. If you want to renew their permissions, it can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse and their permissions will be reinstated.

Prevent Data Leaks

We’ve made it easy to know which permissions have been applied and to terminate someone’s access in case you suspect file misuse. If a document’s use seems suspicious — that someone is using it who shouldn’t have access, for example — it’s a simple flip of a switch to turn off their access. You never need to worry that your data is going to fall into the wrong hands.

Collaborate with Confidence

FileProtect provides peace of mind knowing your files are secured under the strictest industry standards. Bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption and an intuitive interface help you share and collaborate with confidence. Because it is virtually impossible for even the fastest computers to crack, 256-bit encryption is used for sensitive and important data such as financial, military, and government-owned data.

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Comprehensive Activity Tracking

FileProtect tracks every time a file is downloaded and subsequently opened. And with real-time activity analytics, gain better insight into when prospects are interested and when they’re not. Follow-up with prospects and keep your deal moving forward. Optimize file activity insights to streamline your workflow and improve efficiently throughout the lifespan of your project.

Custom Integrations

Enterprise-grade security from FileProtect will safeguard documents from getting leaked and ensure you stay compliant. Don’t see a security feature you need for your digital rights management? Talk to us today to learn about our custom document security integrations.

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