Due Diligence

Review financial records and other sensitive documents for M&A due diligence in a secure environment.

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Sharing M&A due diligence materials, including financial records and other sensitive documents, is at the heart of all mergers and acquisitions. The key to a successful deal is keeping these files secure and organized, while maintaining granular control over which parties can see what documents. Optimize M&A activity with our virtual due diligence rooms, a complete workflow solution that secures, manages, and tracks your most sensitive files, ensuring the right people see the right documents at the right time. Don’t make M&A due diligence harder than it needs to be.


Easy Setup. Easier M&A Due Diligence.

Setup your CapLinked Workspace in under 10 minutes using a fully configurable platform that lets you control security, permissions, and notification settings. Then upload unlimited documents directly from your browser without plugins, or use SafeLink, CapLinked’s desktop uploader.

Access Control

Control what’s visible to different parties during the M&A due diligence process using customizable permissions. Create custom groups and configure view, download, and upload access to entire folders and subfolders, and automatically expire all access to specified Workspaces whenever you choose.


Complete M&A Activity Insight

Track all actions and changes made within a Workspace, including document views, downloads, uploads, permissions changes, and viewed pages. Maintain a comprehensive audit trail and retain document security.

Share Securely.

CapLinked protects your M&A due diligence process and files digitally and physically under the strictest international standards and accreditations. All data is connected using HTTPS, encrypted using 256-bit standard, and hosted via Amazon Web Services. Accreditations include ISO 27001, SOC2/SSAE 18/ISAE 3402 (Previously SAS70 Type II), and PCI SAQ-D.

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“CapLinked delivers the goods. CapLinked’s elegantly simple yet robust modern technology eliminates the roadblocks and headaches I’ve experienced with competing platforms of yesteryear.”

-Senior Associate, American Capital

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