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Built to Supercharge Big Business

Complex transactions and projects are a breeze with CapLinked’s industry-leading Enterprise Virtual Data Rooms.

Information Control,
Without Limits

It’s never been easier to maintain control of sensitive assets, proprietary data, and IP. CapLinked’s Enterprise Virtual Data Rooms are built to be up and running within 15 minutes and integrate seamlessly into your existing tech stack.

Designed to Empower Enterprises

CapLinked’s Enterprise VDRs are equipped with everything you need to manage complex operations and multiple simultaneous deals.

Custom Integrations

Get everything done in one place, so you can get on with your day. CapLinked seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, OneDrive, SAML/SSO, and proprietary platforms — no downloads or complicated plugins required.

Collaborative Document Editor

Say goodbye to endless email threads with dozens of versions of the same document. Securely collaborate across teams directly within your VDR with CapLinked’s built-in Excel, Word, and PDF editors.

White-Glove Support

Don’t let a technical issue with your VDR kill a deal ever again. CapLinked’s Enterprise VDR comes with the best customer service in the industry, including priority phone and email support, training, and project management.

Cutting Edge Comes Standard

CapLinked’s award-winning virtual data room features the advanced tools and technologies you need.

Digital Rights Management

Stop leaks and data breaches before they cost millions. Enhanced digital rights management gives you complete control over who has access to sensitive data, and for how long.

Advanced Activity Tracker

Become a deal-whisperer. Cutting-edge activity tracking keeps your finger on the pulse of everything happening in your data room, supercharging strategic decision-making and allowing you to close deals faster than ever before.

Customizable User Access Settings

Shave hours off data room setup so you can get back to what really matters. Link Salesforce or use CapLinked contacts to create custom groups and quickly configure view, download, and upload permissions.

Project Management

Stay on top of your deal flow and make it to happy hour. CapLinked makes it easy to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track the progress of mission-critical projects directly in your VDR.

Advanced Q&A Functionality

Never answer the same question in three different places again. Advanced Q&A centralizes communication and puts due diligence on autopilot, so you can spend less time on tedious tasks and more time getting ahead.

World-Class Security

Make headlines for your work, not for cybersecurity nightmares. CapLinked’s VDRs are protected by military-grade 256-bit encryption and SSAE18-certified and ISO27001-compliant servers.

Titans of Industry Trust CapLinked

CapLinked’s Enterprise Data Rooms are trusted by over half of Fortune 1000 companies for vital organizational initiatives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Manage pitches, bids, due diligence, and final negotiations all in one place. CapLinked’s data rooms are equipped with all the tools both the buy-side and the sell-side need to close the deal.


Staying organized while securing funding has never been easier. CapLinked’s activity tracking, watermarking, NDA, and DRM tools free you up to focus on standing out in competitive markets.


Never worry about maintaining comprehensive audit trails. Advanced activity tracking on all required documents — including download history, who’s viewed what and when, and comment archives — comes standard.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Make the restructuring and bankruptcy process as painless as possible with CapLinked’s project management tools, enhanced DRM, and secure document collaboration.

Asset Sales & Purchases

Review pitches/bids, conduct due diligence, and craft asset purchases all in one centralized and ultra-secure place.

Biotech & Life Sciences

Managing clinical trials, due diligence, licensing, fundraising, and IPO activity is a breeze with CapLinked’s HIPAA and SOA-compliant data rooms.

The Right Plan for Your Business

CapLinked has you covered, whether conducting due diligence and closing deals are a part of your business’s core initiatives, or you just need a data room for a one-off project.


Our enterprise plan is ideal for companies that conduct due diligence and close deals as part of their core business functions. Enterprise clients receive exclusive access to Concierge Services.

Contact us at (888) 799-6849 for your fully customized virtual data room solution


Our starter virtual data room plan grants teams access to the secure document sharing and advanced security features they need.


($299/month after the 1st month)

Frequently Asked Questions

Without using a secure virtual data room, data can be breached through unwanted external sources and password sharing.

While there are endless ways to share files online, the most secure way to transfer confidential information is through a virtual data room (VDR) that protects and encrypts your data end-to-end. Caplinked provides a secure platform to conduct and share information with ease.

You need to evaluate each online file sharing platform based on several essential factors, from the control capabilities, compliance and industry standards, to customer service. Please read the 7 features each document security system should have.

No, those online sharing platforms don’t provide enough security for your due diligence. In 2016, file hosting site Dropbox was hacked. Millions of people had their login credentials exposed, which prompted the company to reset all passwords going back four years. Learn more which secure file sharing platform you should use here.

A transaction room allows all parties to sign documents easily. However, it may not be a secure file sharing platform. In some situations, such as due diligence before an M&A deal, may require a higher level of security that a virtual data room provides. Know the difference between a transaction room and VDR before sharing any file online.

The due diligence process before a merger and acquisition deal will work on highly confidential documents like financial statements, assets, employees data and payroll. In addition to that, there are several parties working on the report. CapLinked makes it easier to compile your due diligence report by enabling your staff to track changes in files, manage file permissions, and even revoke access after download.

You can secure your Word Documents by making them Read-Only and/or encrypt them with a password. However, if you are working on highly sensitive materials, individual document protection is not enough.

You should encrypt your business documents, especially if they contain confidential information and will be shared with multiple people. The level of encryption may vary depending on your business needs. Learn more about types of encryption here.

CapLinked provides a secure document sharing platform for all types of business. It enables different parties to share data and communicate without the risk of any information breach.

User access can by monitored, adjusted, and/or removed at anytime by administrators to the dataroom via the Permissions module on the CapLinked browser.