Enterprise Information Control

Protect your information with robust risk mitigation

Information Control Without Limits

Doing business in the digital age means that enterprises must continuously transmit proprietary and confidential information to people outside their firewall. But once that information is shared, it can’t be tracked, controlled, or recalled — exposing the company to the risk of it could be misused, lost, or stolen.

CapLinked empowers enterprises to retain control of their assets wherever they go, including beyond the company’s security perimeter. CapLinked empowers companies and their employees to:

  • Retain granular control over digital assets being shared with outside parties
  • Track the status and availability of shared assets with robust reporting and auditing tools
  • Enjoy ease of use and rapid implementation with a user-centric interface and flexible controls
Risk Mitigation

CapLinked acts as a “risk buffer” by serving as a trusted third-party for sharing information with outsiders. Companies that rely on in-house solutions to share data are bearing 100% of the risk should something go wrong. Fortunately, CapLinked mitigates that risk by acting as a trusted intermediary. Our industry-recognized security expertise and deep experience make us a trusted ally for transmitting sensitive information back-and-forth. Our knowledgeable account managers and dedicated client support team ensure that you’re never on your own.

Enhanced Rights Management

Legacy digital rights management (DRM) software is often frustrating and hard-to-use. Most DRM solutions force users to understand all the details for setup and proper execution. It doesn’t have to be that way. CapLinked offers an Enhanced Rights Management solution called FileProtect that makes tracking and controlling documents easy. FileProtect gives companies control over shared files even after they’ve been downloaded onto a third party’s desktop, and it doesn’t require any special software installation or setup.

Complements Other Technologies

While enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) platforms like Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive offer secure solutions for file storage and internal file collaboration, they lack the robust permissioning, tracking, and rights management controls needed to control assets being shared with outside parties. CapLinked complements these file collaboration services and offers a customizable integration capabilities including a complete API. We are also a Box partner company and can assist with formulating a strategy that’s right for our clients.

Concierge Service

Enterprise plans differ from self-serve plans on many levels, but perhaps mostly prominently is our support. Enterprise clients have access to customized team training from one of our customer success managers, so that your team can utilize the full power of our platform. Enterprise clients also receive priority phone and email support around the clock. We believe you shouldn’t have to wait for answers from your software services.

Lastly, we’ll help you migrate your existing data as part of our setup services and assign a success manager to your account. They’ll always be around to answer your questions and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Easy to Implement and Use

Whether its organization-wide or in a single department, CapLinked can often be implemented and deployed in a matter of hours. User training typically requires only 45 minutes or less, and our intuitive software interface makes collaboration and sharing simple for all parties involved. Our software-as-a-service offering is device and infrastructure agnostic, and we never require plugins or software downloads.

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