Intelligent and easy-to-use tools to help you share files with confidence.



Your central hub for all CapLinked activity, the dashboard enables you to access Workspaces, view recent activity, monitor your notifications feed, and manage your messages and contacts from a user-friendly interface.

Access CapLinked’s web-based platform from anywhere, on any device, including mobile.


Workspaces serve as a secure “vault” for sharing documents with buyers and brokers, managing M&A transactions, capital raises, due diligence projects, and more.

  • Setup takes less than 10 minutes!
  • Unrivaled file and folder upload speeds.
  • Manage and access all your Workspaces from your desktop or mobile device.

Document Control and Management

Quickly upload thousands of documents directly from your browser or use CapLinked’s powerful desktop uploader, Safelink. Then harness the document editing power of Microsoft Office to make changes to files directly from your Workspace.

  • View PDFs, Microsoft Office files, images, and video directly from your browser without any cumbersome plugins or additional downloads.
  • Adjust numbers, update copy, or make additions to Microsoft Excel and Word documents all within the CapLinked platform.
  • Version control allows you to track any changes made to a document.
  • After editing your document, CapLinked creates a new version of the file on our secure server.


CapLinked’s intuitive document editing and communication tools make collaborating with teammates and external parties simple and easy. Store, edit, and correspond on documents in a secure Workspace without downloading countless files.

  • Alert Workspace members about changes made to documents, deadlines, project details and more using Update announcements,
  • Send Updates as an email to notify collaborators when they’re outside the CapLinked application.
  • Instantly communicate with collaborators using integrated instant messaging.
  • Q&A Assignments (also known as Subject Matter Expert) lets you assign one or multiple administrators to answer questions from a specific permission group.
  • FAQ notifications distribute valuable information to everyone in a Workspace.
  • A comprehensive activity feed keeps you alert to any changes in a Workspace in real time.

Built for Enterprise

Rely on our dedicated support team and customer success managers.

  •  99.95% Guaranteed Uptime Service Level Agreements
  • Customized Team Training from your Customer Success Manager
  • Data Migration and Setup Services

Service is what sets Enterprise plans apart from self-serve plans. Enterprise clients receive customized team training from one of our customer success managers, so that your team can utilize the full power of our platform. Whether its organization-wide or in a single department, CapLinked can often be implemented and deployed in a matter of hours.

User training typically requires only 45 minutes or less, and our intuitive software interface makes collaboration and sharing simple for all parties involved. Our software-as-a-service offering is device and infrastructure agnostic. No plugins or downloads are needed for CapLinked to help kickstart your deals.

Customizable Permissions

Create custom groups and configure view, download, and upload permissions for all documents or individual folders and files.

  • Link your Salesforce account or use CapLinked contacts to add hundreds of users directly into custom groups.
  • All files are private by default.
  • Immediately revoke access to Workspaces or files whenever you choose.

Activity Tracker

Track all actions and changes made within a Workspace, including document views, downloads, uploads, permissions changes, and viewed pages.

  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of every edit, action, or event that occurs within a Workspace.
  • Quickly locate earlier versions of a file in case something was improperly edited.
  • Generate detailed reports using custom filters to keep your team, external collaborators, and investors on the same page.

Digital Rights Management

FileProtect provides a secure digital rights management (DRM) wrapper around your sensitive files, protecting documents with the most secure technology available.

  • Plugin-free technology keeps DRM easy and convenient, while protecting your documents against plugin vulnerabilities and hacks.
  • Viewers must login with secure credentials to open the file, keeping files protected after download.
  • Grant or restrict access permissions for viewing and printing documents.
  • Revoke access to downloaded documents at any time without worrying about the security of your files.


Enhance security when sharing documents using CapLinked Watermarking. Apply custom Watermarks that include time, date, user email, and IP address, on viewed or downloaded documents.


Protect your sensitive documents with the industry’s most secure technology and credentials.

  • Plugin-free technology means no more worrying about software updates or threats.
  • Military-grade 256-bit encryption
  • SSAE18 and ISO 27001 certified servers.
  • HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant.
  • Only Workspace administrators decide who gets access to each document and whether or not those with access can view, edit, download, and/or upload documents.
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