Manage, share, and protect your most important files without ever leaving Slack.

Protect & Manage Files

Upload your files and organize them into a folder structure all from within Slack. You’ll know exactly where every file is located, because you put it there!

Define who can access to your documents with customizable file permission settings.

Set access to expire automatically, or immediately revoke access in the event your file winds up in unwanted hands. Complete control is at your fingertips.

Digital Rights Management

DRM also helps protect your files when working with folks outside your Slack team. As soon as a collaborator no longer needs to view your documents, revoke access and have complete confidence in your document security.

FileCMD gives you total document security, even after your files are downloaded locally. Digital rights management (DRM) lets you control who sees what and when using enterprise-grade password protection.

Activity Tracking & Analytics

Gain granular insight into how your files are being used with FileCMD. Track every time a document is downloaded or opened by your recipients.

Generate a full audit trail for compliance measures or to protect intellectual property.

Meet regulatory requirements all from your Slack account—no need to download more software.

Take control of your files in Slack with