Managing the financing of your business requires a powerful and secure platform to share documents and collaborate with internal and external parties. CapLinked consolidates document storage and sharing, messages related to the documents, and a complete audit trail into one intuitive platform. CapLinked is the best way to keep your business financing documents private with tools such as watermarking, print-blocking, download prevention, and proprietary digital rights management.

Raising Capital

CapLinked makes raising capital easier by accelerating due diligence processes and keeping investors in the loop. CapLinked stores contacts in one place, organizes important files, and notifies prospective investors regarding updates to documents — all key aspects of an effective workflow. With CapLinked, you can easily organize your existing contacts into groups and avoid redundant messaging to parties not involved with your project. Allow investors to view your documents without complicated software. Dedicate an entire workspace for investors and control what they see. CapLinked increases efficiency in raising capital by keeping your information centralized, while saving you time and money so you can focus on running your business.


Why use CapLinked for financing?

  • CapLinked workspaces help make large file structures searchable and secure, so you’ll always stay organized.
  • CapLinked works without plug-ins or extraneous downloads, so prospective investors can stay in the loop without involving IT or any extra hassle.
  • Stay organized with a modern, intuitive interface that makes communication and sharing with bankers, lawyers, and investors simple and fast.
  • Set customized user permissions to keep private documents secure at every stage of the deal.

“Whether it’s a partnership deal, an investment, or collaborative project, with CapLinked I sleep soundly at night.”

-Director of Business Development & Therapeutic Alliances, ATYR Pharma

See how CapLinked can make financing fast and easy.