Information Travels. Does your Security?

Businesses need to share information internally and externally more than ever. But the threat of data leaks and breaches requires a new way of thinking about information security. With CapLinked, security travels with your data, no matter where it goes.

Your data is safe with CapLinked.

CapLinked lets you quickly and easily share, protect, and track your your business’s sensitive data, so you never have to worry about information getting into the wrong hands. From NDAs to contracts to financial records, CapLinked secures your data under the highest standards the second it leaves your possession. AES 256-bit encryption and granular permission controls follow your data everywhere it goes.

Protection from start to finish.

Protect any type of data, including Office, PDF, and media files, on any device, from Windows to Mac to Android. See exactly where your data has travelled and how it’s being used in real-time. With end-to-end data encryption, comprehensive activity tracking, watermarking, plugin-free Digital Rights Management, and more, CapLinked lets you share with confidence.

Seamless and flexible security.

Integrate the CapLinked API seamlessly into your other enterprise applications, including the file sharing platforms you’re already using such as email, Box, Dropbox, and Office365. Protect your data from any device without plugins or additional software. We make it easy to collaborate with internal and external parties while maintaining full control over your data.

The Building Blocks of Secure Sharing

Robust Security Modules

No two businesses are alike. That’s why CapLinked allows you to customize the way you manage and share data. Integrate CapLinked’s core functionality into your company’s existing workflows for optimized information security.

  • File Storage and Archiving: Put your files into safe, secure storage while maintaining accessibility. Attain great speeds in uploading and downloading.
  • Permissioning: Control creation, update, view and download privileges for authenticated users.
  • Watermarking: Apply dynamic watermarks to documents in the viewer and upon download. Include crucial user information, such as name, time stamps, email, and IP address.
  • Activity Tracking and Reporting: Generate and maintain an exhaustive list of all user activity associated with uploaded files and folders.
  • File Search: Leverage optical character recognition (OCR) to search entire folder structures of large documents for specific keywords or phrases.
  • Digital Rights Management: Apply Digital Rights Management (DRM) to your PDF and Office files, without plugins, via Adobe Livecycle and Azure RMS.

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