CIOs and IT Departments

Your company’s employees are constantly transmitting sensitive and proprietary information to people beyond your firewall, and once it’s shared it can no longer be tracked, controlled, or recalled. The risk of a loss, theft, or leak is increasing by the hour. Fortunately, CapLinked is the easy-to-implement solution for managing collaborative entitlements and mitigating the risk posed by data being shared outside your perimeter.

Why do CIOs and IT departments turn to CapLinked?

  • Control access to digital assets being shared with outside parties and mitigate your risk that sensitive data is lost
  • Robust reporting and auditing tools make it possible to track the status and availability of shared assets
  • Easy and fast implementation can be done for individual teams or entire business units
  • Enhanced Rights Management replaces legacy DRM solutions and makes document tracking and control simple
  • CapLinked complements the major enterprise file synch and share (EFSS) platforms and features a complete API to enable custom integrations
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