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Utilize CapLinked technologies on your own servers and maximize your
company’s workflow.

Large businesses have thousands of files to manage. CapLinked specializes in technologies to keep your documents secure and organized. Utilize individual technologies or a combination thereof in your intranet or private cloud environment. CapLinked will develop a private deployment for your company to help you stay organized and conduct business practices more efficiently.

CapLinked White Label Viewer

With CapLinked technologies, you can:

  • Host the white-label viewer on your own domain and give third parties a secure and professional way to view your documents.
  • Automate document processing and management workflows.
  • Manage and search file archives.
  • Customize CapLinked’s APIs to interface with your existing systems.
  • Improve the quality and ease-of-use of your private cloud by including CapLinked modules.

Flexible modules for your workflow:

  • White-label distribution client

    Share a webpage with your clients where they can view and download documents. Receive reports about their activity and follow up.

  • Watermarking

    Add names, time stamps, email, and ip addresses to documents and keep them secure.

  • File type conversion

    Automate the conversion to various formats of any document, including but not limited to PDF and MS Office formats: XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, DOT, DOTX, PPT, PPTX.

  • Batch PDF processing

    Create automated processes based on keywords or phrases within a document. Split large documents, or change to another file type.

  • Batch image processing

    Crop, rotate, sharpen, or apply other algorithms to images. Our servers can process thousands of images in mere minutes.

  • Automated email workflows

    Automate the delivery of files or reports. Trigger emails with a variety of events or from other systems via an API.

  • Deep File Search

    Search entire archives of large documents for keywords or phrases.

  • File Archiving

    Put your files into safe, secure storage while maintaining their accessibility.

  • Reporting and Activity Tracking

    Integrate activity tracking with other modules to create reports about your data or client activity.

  • Internal API Services

    CapLinked can tailor our systems to communicate with your existing platforms.

Example workflows that can be created with our modules include:

Batch processing of documents, which are then archived and indexed for searching.

Batch processing of documents, which are then organized and made available to your clients via our white label distribution client. Activity reports are then emailed to your team.

Batch watermarking or processing of documents, which are then made available via an API to other systems on your network.