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Virtual Data Room Benefits

Discover how CapLinked streamlines document sharing for any sized project or deal.

Confidently share and manage your most sensitive files and documents using the industry’s leading solution.
Review financial records and other sensitive documents for M&A due diligence in a secure environment.
CapLinked empowers enterprises to retain control of their assets wherever they go, including beyond the company’s security perimeter.
CapLinked consolidates secure document storage and sharing, messages related to the documents, and a complete audit trail into one intuitive platform. And with tools such as watermarking, print-blocking, download prevention, non-disclosure agreements, and proprietary digital rights management, CapLinked allows you to finance your businesses without adding substantial costs.
CapLinked provides a modern, intuitive FTP Alternative that securely stores your most sensitive documents. Setup is quick and easy, and our user-friendly interface means you can focus on your deal, not navigating outdated technology.

Project Management

Designed for seamless business project management, CapLinked tracks documents for investors, shareholders, board members, consultants, auditors, and employees to reduce stress associated with complicated projects.
CapLinked data rooms can help streamline your restructuring workflows. Manage a foreclosure or bankruptcy or sell assets efficiently with DRM, access controls, activity monitoring, and easy performance of due diligence. CapLinked can bring the process to the finish line.
CapLinked tracks all document activity, such as download history, who’s viewed what and when, and comments for investors, shareholders, board members, consultants, auditors, and employees to help you maintain a comprehensive audit trial.
CapLinked provides a central location for reviewing due diligence documents, informing potential buyers about the asset, and making those documents available to appropriate parties. With CapLinked, prospective buyers, legal counsel, and colleagues do not need to download separate software to get involved with the asset sale.
While sharing due diligence materials is at the heart of mergers and acquisitions, utilizing workflow tools is key to making sure the right people see the right documents at the right time. Keeping these files secure, organized, and easily accessible to the appropriate parties throughout the M&A process will ensure that you keep the deal moving forward.

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