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Transparent and affordable pricing

Don’t fall victim to hidden costs or unplanned overage fees. Intralinks charges a premium fee for storing your data. They also sell clients a “per-page” pricing model, but only when it comes to PDFs. Other file types, including Microsoft Office, video, and CAD, are included in a contract’s fine print and get charged by file size, leading to surprise charges at the end of your project. With CapLinked, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying before your Workspace is ever set up.

Clients saved up to 40% with CapLinked


No plugins and no software updates. Ever.

Don’t let software plugins slow you down! Legacy data rooms require Flash, .Net, and other plugins just to install their program. Some features, like Digital Rights Management, also require plugins or other software updates to function. CapLinked doesn’t use any plugins, so you can spend less time worrying about software and more time closing deals.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Don’t risk jeopardizing your deal with a clunky, old-school interface. Poor software design means you’ll end up spending more time trying to navigate your dashboard or worrying about inviting the wrong user group to a Workspace. An outdated interface and poor design all lead to a negative user experience, wasted time, and raises the risk of human error. CapLinked was designed with the common user in mind, making it easy to share information with the right parties and wrap up deals faster than every before.

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CapLinked vs. Intralinks

Compare both data room providers feature by feature.

Workspace ConfigurationCaplinked-Logo-224x60Intralinks
Workspace Archiving
Custom Branding
Folder-Based File Organization
Free Trial?
Quick Workspace Setup?
Single Sign On (SSO) Integration?
Unlimited Administrators?
Unlimited Users?
Bulk Uploads
Drag and Drop Files Upload?
Drag and Drop Folder Upload?
Download Entire Workspace?
Batch Download with Watermarks?
Data Room FeaturesCapLinkedIntralinks
Mobile Compatible
No Plugins (JAVA, Flash, Silverlight, .NET)
Full-Text Search
iPad Compatible
Batch User Creation?
Free Workspace Archiving?
Email Notifications?
Pipeline Manager?
User-friendly Design?
Compatible with All Major Browsers?
Digital Rights Management (Plugin-free)
256-bit (SSL) Encryption
SOC 2 Type II (formerly SAS 70 Type II) Certified
Multiple Security Levels for Documents and Users
Two Factor Authentication
Penetration Testing
Complex Password Policy?
Client-Side Encryption?
Reporting & Activity InsightsCapLinkedIntralinks
File Activity Reporting
User Activity Reporting
Email Notifications
User Activation Emails
Customer SupportCapLinkedIntralinks
24/7/365 Customer Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Online Video Resources
Private Live Training?
Searchable Support Site?
Data CenterCapLinkedIntralinks
Access Control 24/7/365
Complete Security Monitoring
Continuous Data Backup
ISO 27001 Certified
SSAE16 Type II Standard Compliancy
Disaster Recovery?
Domestic Data Center?
Load Balancing Server?
Unlimited Bandwidth?
AlertSite Monitoring?
Managed Firewall and Intrusion Detection?
Redundant, Uninterrupted Power Supply?
Server Stability – 99.9%?

This Intralinks data room comparison chart is not complete because CapLinked does not have detailed access to Intralinks’s product for a comprehensive evaluation. Please contact us if any of the above information is incorrect, and we will update our comparison chart accordingly.

Intralinks® is a registered trademark of Intralinks, Inc.

The Benefits of a Full Virtual Data Room


The benefits of a virtual data room are many and include: more security, cost reduction, and time and expense management. A virtual data room (VDR) is an internet database that enables organizations and companies to store confidential and protected information, mainly during a business transaction, often during a large financial transaction such as an M&A.

This type of facility allows for the protection of sensitive data while in transit. The VDR provides the solution for a company’s or organization’s financial and corporate information. It eliminates the need for corporate executives to go to the other companies’ offices they were previously working with, sign agreements and other confidential documents, be let in a private space where sensitive financial information was discussed and access to an entire physical office where sensitive and financial information was stored.

Virtual data rooms are a secure solution to all these issues. The most common benefits of a virtual data center are that it is cost effective and reduces paperwork. Virtual data rooms offer better security because there are no physical security concerns to worry about and therefore no theft. This helps to provide the best security available in today’s modern world.

Also, this data center is easy to set up and to manage. Since the virtual information room is entirely internet based, there is no need for a physical building or space. Also, the staff involved in managing, maintaining and controlling the data are fewer than what is involved in a traditional data center.

Virtual data centers also provide the best security and reliability available. Since the data is stored in a highly secure and reliable environment, the risk of a hacker or other entity gaining access to personal and/or business information is minimized significantly, which translates to a lower chance of loss.

Data is stored in a secure environment such as a cloud-computing system. This ensures that even if the server crashes or fails, no valuable data is lost. Also, since the system is hosted by a third-party vendor, a hacker is not able to access the physical server and steal or access personal or business information.

When it comes to cost, virtual data centers offer many advantages, such as the ability to store and transfer unlimited amounts of data in a fraction of the time. It is a much less expensive solution than the traditional data center option.

Some of the advantages of a virtual data room include; it gives a company or organization the opportunity to use a virtual private network, which gives them the ability to work as a group. With shared or dedicated hosting, data security is the highest priority, thus making the storage and transfer process faster and more secure.

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual data room is that it is also able to give companies an alternative to expensive and long-term data security solutions. If the company is currently running out of physical space to house its data center, this is one of the most cost effective solutions for that company.

Another major advantage of a virtual data room is that it allows companies to save money. This is because they do not need to purchase a building and dedicate it to storing their information. There is also no need for additional staff, such as IT personnel and an IT support team. Since the data is kept on a server.

The benefits of a virtual data center is that it can help businesses be more efficient and profitable. For instance, the information that is stored in a highly secure and reliable environment that is less susceptible to viruses, malware, and other potential problems. Also, data is stored without a worry over the possibility of losing the data due to a server crash or fire. With a virtual data room, the entire system runs much like a dedicated hosting environment, without having to worry about hardware, software, and data.

In summary, virtual data centers offer several benefits that can result in huge cost savings for a business. This includes the ability to save a company money while offering increased security, lower operational costs, decreased IT support and reduced IT costs. It also reduces paper and manpower, which in turn, will lead to a reduction in paper and printing costs.

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