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Custom Integrated Security Solutions

Seamlessly integrate CapLinked’s secure platform into your daily routine.

Why Integrate with CapLinked?

Nearly half of Fortune 1000 businesses have integrated with CapLinked for simplicity, savings and support. With our solution, you’re not starting from scratch to implement security solutions, you’re simply introducing CapLinked to merge with your existing workflows and processes.

Customizable products make this software a fit for any company. Cloud operations connect our tools to a variety of other applications, and our industry-best support team is involved in every step of the integration and beyond.


Quickly and easily add Salesforce contacts to a custom group. Invite contacts into a Workspace directly from the CapLinked interface, and set custom permissions to make sure only the right people have access to your files.

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Why Integrate with CapLinked?

Streamline your workflow with CapLinked’s powerful security tools.

Eliminate the stress of enterprise integration and trust CapLinked to manage the process. No matter your current workflow, cloud solutions ensure a cost-effective integration that easily connects with other applications you already use. Rest easy knowing the unrivaled CapLinked team is there through the integration and beyond.


Already have files shared on Dropbox and worried about information security? With CapLinked’s added layer of DRM encryption, you can share sensitive files with peace of mind.

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CapLinked connects all your files – OneDrive is anywhere on any device. Easily synchronize your OneDrive files and with CapLinked then leverage powerful reporting tools.

Google Drive

Millions of people use Google Drive to send and receive files of all types. CapLinked together with Google Drive is even better. You can store and secure your files with greater cloud privacy and data protection.


CapLinked lets you securely collaborate on documents stored in Box’s file storage platform. Upload files directly from your Box account into a CapLinked Workspace, then apply additional security functionality, such as dynamic watermarking, Digital Rights Management, permission controls, and robust activity tracking.

Build Your Own Integration

Looking to integrate the security of a Virtual Data Room into an existing application or your company’s proprietary platform? The CapLinked API lets you seamlessly connect robust security functionality into your workflow, making it easy to collaborate with internal and external parties while maintaining full control over your data.

Why Integrate with CapLinked?

Streamline your workflow with CapLinked’s powerful security tools.


Integrations require significant commitments up-front, which is why we make it easy. From planning stages to ongoing maintenance, CapLinked ensures the process goes smoothly and stays within budget — easing concerns around the horror stories of enterprise integrations of the past.

Cloud = Cost savings

Without the need to maintain on-premise server equipment or hire external contractors, CapLinked provides a cost-effective way to create and maintain an integrated system providing immense value to your company. We specialize in connecting our platform’s tools to other applications.


After the integration is complete, we commit to being there for you and your clients. Our industry-best support team ensures that our customers are satisfied while the software integration runs smoothly.

Examples of Client Integrations

Secure Investor Communications

CapLinked can integrate with your investor communications systems to enhance the speed, reliability, security, and professionalism of investor communications.

Fund Marketing

We have developed a custom, white-label environment and workflow to enhance the efficiency of reaching out to prospective investors, and added seamlessness to investors’ ability to review fund marketing materials.

Bulk Asset Sales

CapLinked developed a custom integrated security solution for large investment banks and real estate syndicators to manage bulk asset sales. This implementation integrates with the client’s internal technology infrastructure.

What are Integrated Security Solutions?

Our custom-integrated security solutions provide your enterprise with business security features that are compatible with your various software applications. These centralized, cloud-based security services apply access control systems, security measures, control system updates, and more, to all the devices in your network at once. Example services in an integrated security platform include: 

  • Updating to the latest electronic security measures instantaneously 

  • Creating an access control system to protect varying levels of data sensitivity 

  • Filtering incoming traffic for threats such as phishing, malware, or viruses, before they reach your network

What is the purpose of having an integrated security system?

An integrated security system allows you to systematize security needs across your company. With a centrally managed security system, you can streamline the addition of new devices, new departments, or a new office. Integrated security systems also handle system updates, protocol changes, and other security needs more efficiently. 

With integrated access control solutions, you can tighten company security at various levels—from the cloud to individual devices—for a layered and adaptable security approach, protecting daily operations and long-term data collection.

The Right Plan for Your Business

CapLinked has you covered, whether conducting due diligence and closing deals are a part of your business’s core initiatives, or you just need a data room for a one-off project.


Our enterprise plan is ideal for companies that conduct due diligence and close deals as part of their core business functions. Enterprise clients receive exclusive access to Concierge Services.

Contact us at (888) 799-6849 for your fully customized virtual data room solution


Our starter virtual data room plan grants teams access to the secure document sharing and advanced security features they need.


($299/month after the 1st month)

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