Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Data rooms for bankruptcy and restructuring streamline the process by providing effective management tools including DRM and access management.
CapLinked data rooms can help streamline your restructuring workflows. Manage a foreclosure or bankruptcy or sell assets efficiently with DRM, access controls, activity monitoring, and easy performance of due diligence. CapLinked can bring the process to the finish line.

Save Time

Streamline your workflow using a single, intuitive file sharing solution with unrivaled upload speeds.


Stay Secure

Industry-recognized security credentials and robust activity tracking to keep your files and data safe.


Clear Pricing

Clear and flexible pricing to fit your business or project needs, and no hidden fees, ever.

Facilitate your restructuring projects with a CapLinked data room.

Take advantage of the power of a CapLinked virtual data room to streamline and accelerate your insolvency, receivership, and restructuring processes

  • Support and Setup

    Your data room starts running in minutes and our expert customer support team is available to assist with any questions you may have, including those about your virtual data room setup and settings.

  • Q&A

    Consolidate questions and information exchange for your restructuring or bankrupcty to your CapLinked data room using the advanced Q&A features provided.

  • Configurable Permissions

    Use CapLinked to control who has access to documents and folders based on specific permission settings by user, groups, folders. Privacy can be guarantee between workspaces, teams and groups. Share a file with a single person, if needed.

  • Security

    CapLinked data rooms are securely encrypted and deployed to the cloud. Take advantage of strong access management systems and DRM to keep your documents and data secure, even if users download it onto a device.

  • Reporting Systems

    Leverage the reporting of your CapLinked data room to quickly understand what’s going on and why. See key metrics like who’s accessing specific documents and more.

  • Intuitive Invitations

    Easily share access to your data room with CapLinked’s intelligent invitations system. Import from contacts or csv files, quickly add users to your teams, workspaces, and projects with customizable aspects including expiration date and message contents.

At 500 Startups, we wanted a faster, easier, and more predictably priced data room platform to close deals and raise funds with less effort. CapLinked delivered on all of those fronts. CapLinked is easy to use and populate, and new workspaces can be set up in minutes, not hours or days. We transitioned our data room requirements to CapLinked in 2015 and couldn’t be more pleased with our decision.

Aman Verjee, COO at 500 Startups

How CapLinked Works

1. Upload

Managing thousands (or more) of protected documents has never been this fast or easy.

2. Invite

Advanced permissions control who gets access at all times to as many people as you want.

3. Collaborate

Q&A, versioning, notifications, and mobile access are just a few ways. Get a demo to learn more.

4. Track

Downloads, uploads, views, updates, comments, and custom reports. Even control access after download with FileProtect DRM.

Make CapLinked your restructuring solution.