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Introducing EZ Q&A

Simplified Q&A

CapLinked’s EZ Q&A software will simplify and automate the complex question and answer stage of the M&A due diligence process. Administrators can easily control the flow of interactions and access control for Q&A securely and instantly. EZ Q&A is a great fit for projects that require communication among various group members, while routing large volumes of inquiries to the proper parties. It is like putting Q&A on autopilot!

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Core Q&A Software Features

Customizable User Q&A Access

Admins decide which groups or users have access to submitting questions, viewing FAQ, and seeing the names of their fellow group members.


User Question and Answer Collaboration

Users can collaborate on question threads and administrators can approve answers for fluid communication within groups.

Administrator Q&A Assignments

To easily manage each group’s questions and answers, you can assign certain questions to administrators to provide the answers.



Add important questions, with an administrator approved answer, to the FAQ for all members of the workspace to review.


Because CapLinked archives a complete history of every event that has occurred in each workspace, admins can efficienty audit Q&A activity.



Real-time activity alerts and email notifications are sent to the appropriate parties making Q&A more productive and efficient.

Experience the unrivaled ease of using Caplinked’s EZ Q&A


EZ Q&A automatically notifies the appropriate parties in real-time and is designed with enhanced flexibility in mind. The ability to customize communication settings specific to a group plays a key role for guaranteeing a smooth process for due diligence. Features like FAQ and Admin Assignments within EZ Q&A allow administrators to funnel important information to members of the workspace to expedite workflow.

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