Corporate M&A


While sharing due diligence materials is at the heart of mergers and acquisitions, utilizing workflow tools like virtual data rooms is key to making sure the right people see the right documents at the right time. Keeping these files secure, organized, and easily accessible to the appropriate parties throughout the M&A process will ensure that you keep the deal moving forward.

Conduct due diligence efficiently

Due diligence is a key part of the corporate M&A process. Virtual data rooms for mergers and acquisitions make that process as smooth as possible. CapLinked streamlines the due diligence process by making it easy to share, communicate, and revise secure documents. CapLinked strikes a balance of being cost effective, legally compliant, and efficient with secure  due diligence documents so you can get the deal done faster and with complete confidence.

Why use CapLinked for M&A?

  • Caplinked virtual data rooms streamline the M&A process for all involved parties with workspaces that make sharing, uploading and viewing large file structures easier than ever before.

  • Workspaces keep files and correspondence organized, secure, and searchable, making the due diligence process fast and easy.
  • Caplinked works without plug-ins or downloads, so prospective buyers can stay up to speed without the help of IT.
  • Control what’s visible to different parties at every stage of the deal using the Permissions tool.
“CapLinked delivers the goods. CapLinked’s elegantly simple yet robust modern technology eliminates the roadblocks and headaches I’ve experienced with competing platforms of yesteryear.”

-Senior Associate, American Capital

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