What Is Phishing and How Can Your Business Avoid It?

5 Types of Phishing and How To Avoid Them

The devil is in the data: according to Cleardin, 83% of organizations experience phishing attacks each year, and that figure’s bound to grow. About 15 billion spam emails are sent each day — roughly 30% of which are opened — cementing phishing as the third most common type of scam reported to the FBI, regardless … Read more

How To Protect PowerPoint Presentations

How To Password Protect PowerPoint

Whether you’re dealing with sensitive client info, for-company-eyes-only internal data or a pitch deck that’s just too good to leak, sometimes it pays to protect PowerPoint presentations. Across PC, iOS and Google platforms, you can secure your work with simple password protection, which not only helps shield the presentation from prying eyes, but can also … Read more

What You Should Know About PCI DSS Requirements and Compliance

Data breaches, hacks and credit card fraud occur on an alarmingly consistent basis, and that trend shows no signs of abating. Whether it’s caused by carelessness, data break-ins, or even ransomware, this criminal activity costs billions of dollars annually. With the rise of the cashless society we’re in, this type of illegal activity looks to … Read more

How Safe Is Peer-to-Peer File Sharing?

Not that long ago, file sharing over the internet was a shadowy type of thing, bordering on illegal. It was a process that lived on the dark side of the web, used by music-sharing college students and bootleg software pirates. And although there still is a shady side to all of this, legitimate peer-to-peer file … Read more

SOC 2 and SSAE 16 Security: What They Are and Why You Should Care

Providing software for your employees and customers is as easy as visiting a website, creating an account, and entering a credit card to pay. Software delivered as a service, without the need to download and install on individual devices, provides tremendous flexibility and efficiency, as the organization generally only pays for what it needs, and … Read more

Data Governance 101: Framework for Businesses

what is data governance

Given the rise of services as application software (SaaS) and cloud-based apps where employees, suppliers, and customers all generate, store, access, utilize, or consume data constantly, data governance is a more critical initiative than ever. Without oversight and accountability, the wrong data could be generated and the right data could be lost, severely disrupting business … Read more

Copyright Licensing: Everything You Should Know

The word “copyright” is a frequently used term, though many people don’t know exactly what it means. A work that is protected by a copyright can be a very valuable item indeed, even if it’s not a tangible item. Knowing what a copyright is, how copyright licensing works and how to protect it is key … Read more

Are You Still Using a Physical Corporate Record Book? Why You Should Update to a VDR

Companies of all sizes need to maintain documentation of all sorts of things, including records of financial, corporate and legal issues, among others. In the pre-digital age, these documents were just that, hard copy documents. Whether it was Coca-Cola’s “secret formula” kept in a heavily guarded safe or less secure corporate archives, these records needed … Read more