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How to Create an Information Security Program that Allows for Inorganic Growth

Businesses generally grow in one of two ways: organic or inorganic. Organic growth refers to “natural” internal efforts to increase revenues, including launching new products and services, distributing to new markets, increasing brand equity to increase price points, and other initiatives to capture more sales and how to build a security program as part of … Read more

How Safe Is Peer-to-Peer File Sharing?

Not that long ago, file sharing over the internet was a shadowy type of thing, bordering on illegal. It was a process that lived on the dark side of the web, used by music-sharing college students and bootleg software pirates. And although there still is a shady side to all of this, legitimate peer-to-peer file … Read more

How to Pick the Right FINRA-Approved Cloud Storage Solution

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is the government-authorized agency for overseeing U.S. broker-dealers to ensure that investors are protected and that their needs are served fairly. As a part of its mandate, FINRA has adopted a set of rules and standards for the proper use, storage and retrieval of financial documents. These rules are … Read more