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What Is Phishing and How Can Your Business Avoid It?

5 Types of Phishing and How To Avoid Them

The devil is in the data: according to Cleardin, 83% of organizations experience phishing attacks each year, and that figure’s bound to grow. About 15 billion spam emails are sent each day — roughly 30% of which are opened — cementing phishing as the third most common type of scam reported to the FBI, regardless … Read more

How To Protect PowerPoint Presentations

How To Password Protect PowerPoint

Whether you’re dealing with sensitive client info, for-company-eyes-only internal data or a pitch deck that’s just too good to leak, sometimes it pays to protect PowerPoint presentations. Across PC, iOS and Google platforms, you can secure your work with simple password protection, which not only helps shield the presentation from prying eyes, but can also … Read more