With ever-increasing connectivity, the global data environment is fast becoming a mobile world.  

Whether accessing data through USB drives, smart phones, tablets, or laptops, the ability of companies to monitor and control data has emerged as a formidable challenge.

Mobile access has driven the evolution of a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) culture in corporations around the world.

The reigns of data security have shifted away from IT and security managers and into the hands of company employees. “BYOD” has made companies vulnerable to leaks both accidental and intentional.

To overcome the obstacles BYOD presents, Andrew Wild, Chief Security Officer at Qualys, asserts:

“Having protections at the cloud level is the only way IT managers can make sure corporate information is not exposed, or shared without authorization. We just need to provide services in the cloud that are built specifically for the enterprise with appropriate security controls and which offer the flexibility for companies to maximize their productivity with BYOD.”

(The full article can be read here.)

Corporations need a proven, secure, cloud-based solution (such as CapLinked) with permission settings to control access to documents and with activity tracking to monitor all data.  

The cloud is the new internal server — IT managers and company executives can sleep well knowing their sensitive data is safe and secure.