CapLinked administrators now have more granular control when assigning permissions. Primarily based on customer feedback, the new permissions page is designed to streamline your workflow by utilizing a more intuitive interface and allowing for more precise control over what workspace members can access. This upgraded configuration allows administrators to easily grant view, download, and/or upload privileges for folders and their contents to specific workspace groups. All folders are viewable by administrators only until explicitly selected, and when a new folder is added, access must be granted to groups before they can see or interact with it in any way.


Editing permissions is easier than ever: simply clicking a red icon will change it to green, and vice versa. The green “checkmark” icon means that the group is able to perform that action for that folder; the red “denied” icon means that the group is unable to perform that action for that folder.

If you have any questions about using the new permissions page, please contact; or if you’d like to see our virtual data room service in action, schedule a free demo.