One of the main features that differentiates CapLinked from legacy virtual data room providers is our secure file viewer available in any browser, on any device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc). When viewing excel documents, legacy providers require annoying plugins and downloads, like Java or Flash. Due to CapLinked’s innovative approach to viewing files, you can easily read and analyze any excel file (and all other major file types) without leaving your browser. Data is displayed with native, easy to view formatting, all while remaining securely in the workspace.

Existing data room solutions often require analysts to manually insert page breaks before uploading excel documents to the platform.  This is an error prone and always time consuming (hours and hours wasted) option. Many providers also require the user to download the file, which increases security concerns.

CapLinked is the secure, simple solution for managing deals. Our feature focus of the month is the online file viewer visible in the screenshot above. If you’d like a demonstration of the secure file viewer and the way it can handle your documents, please contact