Today we’re speaking with Robert Robotti,  founder & CEO at CREX

1) What does your company do?

CREX’s is a Commercial Real Estate Advisory firm which identifies “off market”, discount priced deal flow for private and international investors ($5 MM – $100 MM range). The firm specializes in multi-family, student housing, hospitality, self storage and health care assets. Our success fees (generally 1%) are earned for closed transactions only. The firm’s unique, national resources emanate through our CEO, Robert Robotti, who has built a portfolio with over $2 billion in holdings.  The company’s Circle of Influence includes hundreds of elite Real Estate Owners and Intermediaries who deliver “whisper deals” to the CREX pipeline.  These assets are not listed and therefore not available in the public markets.

2) How is your product/service different from others in your industry?

We act as a controlled clearing house for product and capital. This is not a listing service or a social/business network. We are an Advisor firm and we actually source, underwrite and filter hundreds of quality deal flow targets each month prior to presentations to our capital clients.

3) What does C REX offer outside of commercial real estate advisory services?

CREX also sources and arranges funds for M & A opportunities through an existing public platform. This opportunity is oriented towards emerging companies in the technology, media, energy and health care fields in the initial $10MM- $50 MM acquisition price range.