Closing a financial deal is seldom easy. Advisors who can help you through the process and connect you with prospective investors are often the difference between success and failure. Advisors come in many types, but here are some of the key advisors you should consider working with if you’re in the process of raising capital or selling an asset:

Lawyers: Don’t even think of putting together a deal without involving legal counsel. A good attorney might not be cheap, but he or she will save you money in the long run. Make sure that your lawyer is involved in drafting all important documents, and give them access to your CapLinked deal room so they can upload revised documents and make changes as needed.

Broker-Dealers: Working with a licensed broker-dealer is a good option for finding prospective investors. An experienced broker is a matchmaker who can connect you with possible investors or buyers for your company. Make sure you negotiate a reasonable commission and get a written agreement prior to collaborating.

Consultants: If drafting a business plan or constructing detailed financial projections isn’t your thing, you might consider hiring a consultant to help you prepare materials before you start your capital raise or asset sale. Just be sure that you’re not relinquishing involvement in whatever the consultant is working on; it’s important to understand all of the materials you’ll be circulating in your deal.

Advisory Board: Young companies often have a group of advisors, whether it’s a formal advisory board or just an informal group of business veterans who offer advice to the management team. Be sure to get your advisors involved. Invite them to your deal room, ask for their feedback on your deal, and request that they make introductions to accredited investors whom they know.

CapLinked deal rooms make it easy to involve your advisors in the process. When you set up a deal room, invite your advisor to have access and consider giving them administrator permissions so they can add documents and make changes.

If you’re looking for advisors, consider signing up for CapLinked PRO. PRO users can send messages to CapLinked users outside of their network. It’s an easy way to introduce yourself to potential advisors who can help you with your deal.