Intralinks vs. Caplinked – a Virtual Data Room Comparison

When making a decision about Virtual Data Room, there are important things to consider, and there are many companies offering options. On the surface, it may appear that these companies are similar, but there are big differences in what they have to offer–and those differences mean everything.


Intralinks Virtual Data Room vs Caplinked

Intralinks advertises itself as the “fastest, smartest virtual data room. Anywhere.” But do the facts stand up to the claim? Yes, there are some places where Intralinks matches Caplinked in features: Both companies offer Bulk Uploads, but when it comes to uploads and downloads, everything else with Intralinks is a big question mark. Do they offer Drag and Drop Files and Folder Uploads like Caplinked does? It doesn’t look like it. Can you download your entire workspace? Who knows? Can you batch download with watermarks? The answer looks uncertain.

The truth is that there is much about Intralinks that is unknown, because they offer little to no transparency about what their product entails–and that should be a big red flag. Maybe they want to get you on the phone with them so they can personally sell you on their product–they don’t want to advertise their features on their website–but that sounds like a company that is trying to bamboozle their way through a presentation rather than standing on their own product.

Do they offer a free trial? Not sure. How about quick workspace setup? Not sure. SSO Integration? That’d be nice, but it’s another murky area. Unlimited administrators and users? Those sound like fantastic features, but does Intralinks offer them? They don’t claim to.

Batch user creation. Free workspace archiving. Email notifications. Pipeline manager. User-friendly design. Compatible with all browsers. DRM (Plugin-Free). Watermarking. Do any of those sound like features you’d like to have? Intralinks doesn’t think so.


Caplinked: The Details

With Caplinked, you get a central hub for all your activity, a dashboard that enables you to access Workspaces, view recent activity, monitor your notifications feed, and manage all your messages and contacts in a user-friendly interface. And you can access all of this, from anywhere, on any device. In an airport? In a conference room? At home at night? You can get it done from wherever you are.

Your Workspaces serves as a secure vault for sharing documents with buyers and brokers, managing M&As, capital raises, due diligence, and more. And setup takes less than ten minutes, with unrivaled file and upload speeds (despite what Intralinks may claim about their speeds).

Document Control and Management are simple–quickly upload thousands of documents directly from your browser or use Caplinked’s powerful uplink manager, Safelink. Then harness the document editing power of Microsoft Office to make changes to files directly from your Workspace. View PDFs, Microsoft Office files, images, and video directly from your browser without any cumbersome plugins or additional downloads. Adjust numbers, update copy, or make additions to Microsoft Excel and Word documents all within the CapLinked platform. Version control allows you to track any changes made to a document. After editing your document, CapLinked creates a new version of the file on our secure server.


Unparalleled Service

Service is what sets Enterprise plans apart from self-serve plans. Enterprise clients receive customized team training from one of our customer success managers, so that your team can utilize the full power of our platform. Whether its organization-wide or in a single department, CapLinked can often be implemented and deployed in a matter of hours.

User training typically requires only 45 minutes or less, and our intuitive software interface makes collaboration and sharing simple for all parties involved. Our software-as-a-service offering is device and infrastructure agnostic. No plugins or downloads are needed for CapLinked to help kickstart your deals.

Intralinks doesn’t offer private live training or a searchable support site.



We know this is the crux of everything you use a data room for, so we’ve pulled out all the stops:

Protect your sensitive documents with the industry’s most secure technology and credentials.

  • Plugin-free technology means no more worrying about software updates or threats.
  • Military-grade 256-bit encryption
  • SSAE18 and ISO 27001 certified servers.
  • HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant.
  • Only Workspace administrators decide who gets access to each document and whether or not those with access can view, edit, download, and/or upload documents.

Intralinks knows you care about security, too, but they only do so much. They don’t match Caplinked in Complex Password Policy or Client-Side Encryption.