Today we’re speaking with Adam Preskill of Peninsula Entertainment.

What were you raising capital for?
We were raising $100k to fund an independent feature documentary. The film is still untitled at the moment, but it tells the true story of the Quileute Tribe, the Native American Tribe featured in The Twilight Saga, and will be completed this summer.

Who were you approaching for your capital raise?
We initially began by approaching small production companies and independent film investors, but through CapLinked we were able to broaden our search to include investors in a range of different fields.

What types of information did you store in your CapLinked deal room?
We used the deal room to store a film synopsis, a powerpoint presentation to illustrate key plot points from the film, our business plan and our investment documents. We also used the CapLinked company message interface to keep investors updated on our progress during both the fundraising and film post-production processes.

Where did your leads come from, and how persistent did you have to be when you were pursuing them?
Most of our leads were direct referrals from people we had met with to other individuals in their CapLinked circle of contacts. We then tried to set up individual meetings with each contact we met through the system and were fairly successful in scheduling those meetings.

What suggestions do you have for other entrepreneurs raising money?
I would recommend using CapLinked for any independent fundraising effort, because we discovered is that it makes it easy for potential investors you’ve met with to spread the word about your project by forwarding your deal info on to their own contacts. That way anyone you meet with helps you widen your circle of potential contacts, even if they aren’t interested in investing, which is a great bonus, plus you can track who is viewing your pitch and deal info and follow up with them directly.