We just launched a pair of new feature for CapLinked. First, we’ve added a tool that allows users to send direct messages to people and companies on the site. This allows users to introduce themselves to other CapLinked users and to connect with a company spokesman, who will then have the option of whether or not to respond. Direct messaging is meant to help entrepreneurs and investors networks and connect with each other.

Users can send a direct message to another user by clicking on the “Send me a message” button located on their profile page, as seen in the screenshot above. There is also a similar “Contact this company” button located on company profile pages; this generates a direct message to the company’s contact person. Users have the option to turn off the direct message functionality by changing their account’s “Notification Settings.”

Additionally, Microsoft Outlook users may now add contacts to their CapLinked address book. The address book–which is available on the “Contacts” tab when a user is logged in–is designed for companies raising capital, as well as investors and brokers looking to syndicate a deal with other investors. The address book makes it easier to share deals by allowing users to select recipients from a pre-populated list of contacts, eliminating the need to type in a name and email address for each new recipient.

Users can now populate their address book with contacts from Outlook. To do this, export contacts from Outlook into a CSV formatted file. The file can then be imported into CapLinked using the tool on the “Contacts” tab. After the contacts are uploaded, they can be edited or deleted. CapLinked does not notify contacts when they are added to an address book unless a deal is shared with them.

Deals on CapLinked are private, meaning they’re not crowd-sourced or “out there” for public discovery on the web. Rather, deals on CapLinked are network-powered–recipients can only receive deals from people they know, increasing the likelihood that they will review it. The creator of a deal can share it with prospective investors and advisors, who in turn can forward it along to their advisors and co-investors. The deal’s owner is notified whenever his deal is shared, and he can remove access to the deal from an individual if he has any concerns.

As always, we welcome feedback on our features. Users are encouraged to click on the “Feedback” tab on the right hand side of the CapLinked website.