Come join us and our co-host TechZulu on October 28th at 8 PM at CoLoft in Santa Monica for a panel that promises to be intriguing for both entrepreneurs and investors. Our very own CEO Eric M. Jackson will moderate a panel that will feature start-up lawyer Scott Edward Walker of Walker Corporate Law Group, Ryan Born – CEO of AudioMicro/ Audioo, and and Brian Garrett from Crosscut Ventures. This panel will cover many interesting and very applicable topics such as:

– Debt vs Equity financing

– Financing through services

– Convertible debt

– Novel financing options (crowdfunding)

– How to approach the equity finance market

– Friends, family and fools Vs Business Angels Vs Venture Capital

– How to get in touch with Angle’s and VCs

– How a typical round works and what is involved

– Tips and tricks

We would love to meet and greet you all!! So please sign up free of charge at-