A complex project needs a robust platform like CapLinked to manage all of the relevant documents. But maybe your workflow doesn’t require a  new platform to manage files, but rather new tools to maximize efficiency. CapLinked has many useful features that can be integrated with your current system to improve your workflow. Here are the top 3 ways to integrate CapLinked:

  1. Host the white label viewer on your own domain. The white label viewer is a powerful tool from CapLinked that allows colleagues to view and download documents, without logging in. By hosting the white label viewer on your company’s domain, you can maintain a professional rapport with colleagues and clients and get them up to speed with your files in no time. Check out a demo of the white label viewer on the white label page.
  2. Add security layers to your documents. CapLinked offers watermarking and DRM that will add security to your documents. CapLinked watermarks can be applied both to documents in the web viewer and documents that are downloadable, and include time and date of viewing, the user’s name, IP address and email address. Digital Rights Management, or DRM, means that you can revoke access to a document even after it’s been downloaded — a powerful feature offered by CapLinked which requires no plugins or additional software to download.
  3. Process and convert various file types. CapLinked is designed for securely uploading and sharing documents. The web viewer allows users to view Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, and other major file types. CapLinked can modify, split, or index a document based on keywords or phrases. CapLinked can also convert certain file types into other file types to meet viewers’ needs (ex. Investor Reporting). Once your documents have been converted and modified to your specifications, consider utilizing CapLinked servers to store your documents securely.

CapLinked integration specialiests are ready to help maximize your workflow by integrating robust features with your existing systems — contact us today. Check out the private deployment page to learn more about the features CapLinked can offer to your organization.