Dropbox is a popular file sharing service used by businesses and individuals throughout the world. Despite its prevalence, there are many issues with certain Dropbox functionalities. Read below to learn about some of the potential problems one might encounter when using Dropbox for business purposes.

  1. Limited Sharing Functionality for Sub-FoldersWith Dropbox, access to a sub-folder cannot be denied if access has been granted to the enclosing folder. This flaw can lead to permissions issues, sometimes necessitating re-structuring of the entire folder hierarchy.CapLinked uses personal workspaces for each project, thereby enabling custom viewing permissions for each user.
  2. No Customizable PrivilegesDropbox does not offer the ability to customize read and write privileges for individual users.At CapLinked, different privileges, such as read or write permissions, can be granted to individual users at the administrator’s discretion.
  3. No Audit TrailWith Dropbox, if sensitive or confidential information is leaked to outsiders through a permissions error or bug, administrators have no way of tracking users who have viewed restricted materials.CapLinked protects against this security flaw by maintaining an audit trail for all documents in a workspace. Accordingly, if sensitive information is leaked the administrator will know who has accessed it. CapLinked also offers watermarking to ensure your data only reaches approved users.

CapLinked is a platform that allows users to easily collaborate in a secure environment. To learn more about what CapLinked can do for you, schedule a demo today.


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