What is CapLinked?
CapLinked is an online platform that makes it easy to collaborate on complex projects. CapLinked has robust functionality that makes it intuitive to upload, download, organize and share your documents. You can securely store any type of file on CapLinked, and the web viewer can preview PDFs, Microsoft Office files, images, and any other popular filetypes — right from your browser. CapLinked has many features built with security in mind, like DRM, watermarking, and powerful permissions settings. Learn more about CapLinked features on our Product Tour.

Who uses CapLinked?
Anyone can use CapLinked. It’s useful for a wide range of use-cases and industries, from due diligence to raising capital to legal to life sciences and more. Many companies trust CapLinked to store their files, including Thomson Reuters, Frontier Airlines, and Guardian Capital, to name a few. Check out more of our satisfied customers.

When can I access CapLinked or get help?
CapLinked is available to use anytime. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to make sure you get the most out of your CapLinked experience and can help answer any of your questions.

Where can I access CapLinked?
CapLinked runs in your browser without the need for any plugins or software to download. You can access it from your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, including iPad and iPhone. You can manage and share documents from anywhere and collaborate on secure projects with ease.

Why should I use CapLinked?
CapLinked simplifies your workflow by making it easy to work with others on complex projects that require keeping track of many documents. It’s easy to determine who can see what documents, so involving your team, prospective buyers, sellers, and investors, legal counsel, researchers, auditors, and more is simple and secure. If you have a lot of documents to store and share, CapLinked is the most secure and effective way to simplify your life.

If you want to learn more about CapLinked, see how it works. If you’re ready to schedule a demo or learn more about pricing, talk to a CapLinked representative.