One of CapLinked’s strongest selling points is the ability to integrate custom solutions into business workflows. Every client and company require different ways to access and share their documents, and CapLinked is more than happy to accommodate them.

A prime example of this is the CapLinked White Label Viewer. It allows you to share secure documents with your clients in a more focused environment.

CapLinked’s API allows for easy integration with other systems. Integrations can enhance workflow for areas such as investor communications, fund marketing, and bulk asset sales. CapLinked developers are in-house and ready to make the application work for you and your existing solution. Our dedicated support team ensures that the integration goes smoothly and provides the necessary information and training to get everyone on board.

To learn more about CapLinked custom integrations, check out the Custom Integrations page on the CapLinked website. If you’re ready for a demo, click below to get in touch with sales. We’d love to hear how we can improve your workflow.