CapLinked is all about security. Our permissions features are built to keep workspace administrators in complete control of the documents in their workspaces. Administrators grant access to folders by selecting them, and then deciding which permissions groups have access.

Now, with bulk folder permissions, admins can select multiple folders and either grant or revoke access to the given selection of folders. For example, let’s say there are multiple folders that an admin needs to work on. From the files page, the admin can select the folders, and revoke access from all permissions groups. After they edit the folders as desired, they can grant access by using the same selection method.

Using bulk folder permissions gives admins the ability to override the current permissions settings, so they can set permissions more quickly and get back to the task at hand. CapLinked is designed with ease of use at its core. Click below to check out other CapLinked features and how they can help you share secure documents and save you time.