When using CapLinked on Google Chrome, users can now upload entire folders via the web uploader.

To upload a folder into CapLinked, start by opening the web uploader by clicking the green “Upload” button on the files view. Then drag the folder from your desktop into the web uploader. The folder will maintain its internal folder structure. The web uploader will display the progress of each file within the folder.

CapLinked supports uploading folders containing hundreds of files and subfolders, and folder sizes well over a gigabyte.

The convenience of uploading folders is available exclusively through the use of Google Chrome, CapLinked’s preferred browser. There are no plugins necessary to upload folders on CapLinked. In addition to the folder upload capability, CapLinked recommends Google Chrome because it offers the best stability, security, and speed compared to other browsers. Google Chrome can be downloaded here.

CapLinked is an online platform that makes uploading, viewing, and sharing documents extremely secure and simple. To get learn more about CapLinked, visit our How It Works Page. Or to get in touch with sales and schedule a demo of the product, click the button below.