Dealmakers cannot assume their team members will protect confidential information. CapLinked(tm) provides advanced security features for Virtual Data Room administrators to quickly and effectively limit the distribution of sensitive files.

People could be excused for thinking all executives protect confidential information. Until news broke that in one case administrative access to Equifax’ sensitive customer data was a single user name and password combination of admin/admin. *

What can dealmakers do to make sure they experience no similar fiascoes?

For years CapLinked has recommended that confidential business be conducted in a secure Virtual Data Room. The business value proposition comes from exceptional communication and collaboration in a protected, accessible environment.

CapLinked clients are good stewards of confidential information

Administrators of CapLinked’s secure document collaboration system can enforce even broader security with extended file access and distribution controls.

Control Access to the Room with Two-Factor Authentication

Multi- or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) technology is essential for keeping your data and account secure. CapLinked provides Two-Factor Authentication as an option for all users as well as a requirement Admins can implement for all users under their account. 2FA is essentially a password for the password. It is important to understand the simple concept that makes it so effective.

2FA is useful as a mechanism to control users’ access to resources. To gain access, a user must have pieces of information from at least two categories or sources (hence the two “factors”), e.g. what they know and what they possess. The technology has evolved to make two-factor access more seamless for users.

CapLinked Two-Factor Authentication brings best-practice to access of secure Virtual Data Rooms.

The first factor, information the user knows, is almost always the user ID and password. For a CapLinked secure data room, the user ID is the users’ email address associated with their account. The password is a character-based string that meets a stringent password requirement.

For most organizations, including CapLinked, the second factor, evidence available only to what the user has, comes from a one-time numeric password that expires in 30 seconds (or less).

An “Authenticator” app, a secure and trusted app installed on the user’s mobile phone or computer, generates the temporary password. For the app to work, it must be downloaded from a reputable App store, and must be linked to the CapLinked VDR via user registration. Trusted authenticator apps from Google or Microsoft are free and easy to use. More important, they provide the necessary functionality to support CapLinked 2FA (and many others’). Simply install the Authenticator app the App store and follow the installation and registration prompts. Learn how to setup CapLinked 2FA here.

With 2FA enabled, CapLinked VDR admins bring an additional level of security to the team’s secure room. This is one of the many differences between VDRs and a service like Dropbox.

Control File Access and Distribution with DRM and Watermarking

Administrators need more than access control to protect the distribution of sensitive files. They need to protect against users deliberately violating NDAs and security policies or thieves who find a way to compromise their authentication. Even the fanatically secretive Apple Computer has internal trouble-makers. CapLinked DRM and Watermarking functionality address such vulnerabilities.

CapLinked administrators can configure Digital Rights Management (DRM) to limit file access. DRM is a feature requiring non-admin users to enter their CapLinked credentials before viewing any file. When enabled, any file or files a user downloads is encrypted. The file can be viewed only after a valid CapLinked user ID and password has been entered. Users that are not allowed to view the file will not be able to gain access even if they try to open a locally saved version. Administrators can remove users’ access even if the file has been stored on the user’s local computer. Learn more about how to configure this security feature here.

CapLinked’s Watermarking helps limit distribution by super-imposing specific user details on PDF files served by the VDR. Be default, Administrators can choose to include the user name, email address, client IP address and the document view time stamp. The text, size, color, and position of the watermark can also be customized. Once the watermark is applied ot a downloaded file, it becomes a part of the document, documenting the file source.

Watermarking, in conjunction with Digital Rights Management, is a good internal structure that brings confidence in protected sensitive information

CapLinked clients are good stewards of confidential information

CapLinked works very hard to deliver superior capability and speed by avoiding buggy browser plug-ins! This modern platform, combined with custom branding and advanced security features gives clients a competitive advantage in managing successful deals involving multiple participants. This makes Caplinked the best secure online document sharing solution.

Talk to a qualified support technician today, or better yet, sign up now to secure your next deal with a CapLinked virtual data room!

The world’s best capitalized organizations use CapLinked’s Virtual Data Rooms to manage their deals.

Best wishes for a successful (and confidential) deal!

The world of M&A is changing every day as technology changes and security becomes more paramount than ever. Find out more about how Caplinked is staying ahead of the curve by using blockchain VDR technology to keep your data secure and your deals moving ahead.

Source: Ayuda! (Help!) Equifax Has My Data! – *Krebs on Security 12 Sept 2017