Business owners, CIOs, and IT leaders have choices when it comes to file-sharing solutions. But how do you evaluate the best secure filing sharing for business? What are the must-have features? How can a virtual data room provide a more reliable way to share documents versus other Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions? 

Let’s look at the features you should expect when choosing secure file sharing for business.

1. Security Thresholds

Of course, security is important, by definition, if you’re seeking secure file sharing for business! But just how secure is your “secure file sharing” service? If you’re using popular cloud storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer, your data is probably not as secure as you think. CapLinked provides enterprise-grade security with industry-recognized credentials, including ISO 27001 certification, which means our virtual data rooms protect your mission-critical files both physically and digitally. Our servers are ISO 27001 certified. 

We also hold the following professional certifications, which means that whatever industry you’re in, you can trust our secure file sharing for business. 

  • AICPA SOC 2 Certified for the secure handling of financial information within a service organization
  • EU-US Privacy Shield Certified 
  • HIPAA Compliant for the secure storage and sharing of medical data
  • PCI SAQ-D Compliant / PCI Certified to help prevent credit card fraud
  • FISMA Compliant, showing adherence to the Federal Information Security Management Act 

CapLinked uses 256-bit advanced data encryption for storage, secure data transmission using HTTPS protocols, and premium-grade TLS protocols to encrypt data in transit.

2. Access Control

Security has many levels, from how you protect the data on your servers to preventing mission-critical files from falling into the wrong hands. Approximately 25% of all data breaches in the U.S. occur as a result of carelessness or user error. Mistakes such as people forwarding emails to the wrong addresses, failing to delete files from devices, or even failing to protect their devices with passwords leaves data on those devices accessible to virtually anyone. 

If you don’t have the right protections on your files, along with Digital Rights Management to invoke or revoke access to files at any time, you could be setting yourself up for an unintentional data breach. Unlike solutions like Google Drive, CapLinked allows you to revoke access at any time, even on files that have already been downloaded by the user. You can also set permissions preventing people from printing files. 

Solutions like Google Drive, Microsoft Office365, and Dropbox enable file-sharing, but once someone has downloaded or printed the documents,  there is no way to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Features like watermarking and document redaction provide additional security.

3. Ease of Collaboration

Digital Rights Management is important, but it’s only one element that makes CapLinked so easy to use. Across the board, CapLinked has features that make collaboration easy across teams and even outside of your organization. 

CapLinked integrates project management capabilities within its secure environment, so you can assign tasks, track their completion, and notify stakeholders of changes and edits via email. The CapLinked Dashboard makes it easy to track the progress of a project, while a Q&A section enables you to post answers to frequently asked questions or address questions to those working on the project. 

4. Version Control

Secure file sharing for business software applications like Google Drive and Dropbox permits you to view and restore various versions of your files. But once someone has access to one version, they have access to all versions. Even worse, Dropbox only provides version control going back 30 to 180 days, even on their advanced package. 

CapLinked, on the other hand, holds different versions of your file indefinitely and allows you to revoke permissions so those involved in the project only see the files you want them to see. 

Other collaboration features include: 

  • Real-time instant messaging
  • An activity feed to alert you to real-time changes in your project
  • The ability to store, edit and collaborate on documents without downloading

5. Guaranteed Uptime, Training and 24/7 Support

It’s crucial for your secure file sharing for business SaaS to work when you need it. CapLinked offers 99.95% guaranteed uptime service level agreements to ensure that you have access to your files and our collaboration features when needed. 

Enterprise clients receive customized team training based on their needs, with a focus on the industry-specific features they will use the most. The training usually only takes 45 minutes, but CapLinked experts are on-call 24/7 to answer questions and follow up to ensure your experience goes smoothly.

6. Ease of Integration 

Your virtual data room allows you to do a lot, including collaborating seamlessly with individuals within and outside your organization, revoking access to documents even after they’ve been downloaded and keeping track of seemingly endless file versions. 

But we know CapLinked can’t do it all. That’s why our API integration with other popular business software solutions, including Office365 and Dropbox, is so important. You can manage, edit, and share nearly any type of document or file, using the sophisticated CapLinked API. 

Best of all, you can invoke Digital Rights Management, add informative watermarks, and track user activity without the need for third parties to install plugins or additional software. 

If you’re ready to embrace a better way to share files and collaborate, reach out for a free trial of our secure file sharing for business solution. 

Dawn Allcot is a full-time freelance writer and content marketing expert specializing in technology, business and finance.