Integrating 3rd party API’s into your business can greatly improve efficiency and promote productivity.  Given that there are an estimated 50,000 API’s out there, it’s sometimes difficult to find out which API will actually benefit your organization. Here at Caplinked, we’re set on utilizing and providing the best of API services. Using the Caplinked API, a developer can seamlessly extend the features of the Caplinked Virtual Data Room platform by building custom integrations with other popular 3rd party API’s.

Slack Notifier Integration

Since a lot of companies and teams use Slack as their collaboration tool, we’ve made a quick demo application that developers can use to send notifications from their Caplinked workspace into their own Slack channel.  For instance, whenever an user of a specific workspace group views a particular file, a notification will also be sent to your Slack channel in addition to the notifications already on the Caplinked platform.


Developers check out the demo here!