Closing an M&A transaction can be very complicated. Sometimes, to close the deal, thousands of documents are needed. Those managing an M&A transaction will find that a unifying, data-sharing application can streamline and simplify the process. That’s where CapLinked, a secure cloud application, comes in. Read below to learn about 3 aspects of CapLinked that can help you manage your M&A transaction.

    1. Painless Set Up


CapLinked’s intuitive interface makes setting up a workspace quick and simple. Our modern product is built to be easily understood and operated. This makes it the perfect application for M&A deals that may involve users not familiar with cloud solutions. Users will not have any trouble adjusting to our user-friendly interface. However, if any problems do arise during set up, our 24/7-available CapLinked customer support team is there to help you.

    1. Unique Permissions Page


CapLinked’s unique permissions page allows administrators to quickly set customized permissions settings for each user. This is an extremely useful feature during M&A transactions since those involved in M&A deals will often have different levels of security clearance. In addition, user information, such as email, status, and time of most recent access are all accessible through the CapLinked Activity Tracker. This automatically generated audit trail can then be organized, made more granular, and downloaded into an excel report for further analysis.

    1. Advanced Security Features


All M&A transactions require security because coordinating sensitive documents is necessary to close the deal. That is why security is a priority here at CapLinked. To sign into a CapLinked workspace, users must input two forms of authentication. This two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for all workspaces. In addition, SSL encryption, which remains one of the most effective forms of encryption, is utilized on all workspaces during the upload and download processes. Finally, CapLinked employs Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect your data both physically and digitally with industry-leading reliability.

Whether closing an M&A transaction or managing any other type of complex, collaborative project, CapLinked gives users the tools to operate effectively and efficiently. To learn how CapLinked can help you, schedule a demo today.