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The Importance of Document Management for Healthcare

Protecting sensitive data remains an enormous challenge in virtually every industry, and especially so for industries that are governed by strict privacy regulations like healthcare. Data security is paramount — losing control of patient or facility records isn’t merely an inconvenience — serious legal and financial consequences are at stake here for non-compliance. Knowing how … Read more

How to Ensure Your Documents Are Redacted Properly


Ensuring that sensitive content and information in your company’s documents is secure and that it’s properly redacted is paramount. Owning the ability to share company documents while masking the data that must be kept confidential is an important asset for any company today, especially in light of recent data breaches and cyberattacks. Protecting sensitive data … Read more

How To Secure and Encrypt Word Documents

how to encrypt word document

Whew! You just finished writing an important document in Microsoft Word — and you want to keep it private and secure. What can you do? Let’s have a look at four ways you can add security to your Word documents. You can choose one of these, or a combination of several, to add the most … Read more

How to Protect Intellectual Property: Technology Is Key

how to protect intellectual property

Your company’s intellectual property (commonly referred to as “IP”), is an undeniably important asset. Though usually intangible, IP and IP assets  are commonly far more valuable than most of the other physical assets of your company. Therefore, knowing how to protect intellectual property is just as important (or more so) than locking your office and … Read more

7 Features Every Document Security System Needs to Have

With so many people working remotely and deals that span across the globe more common than ever, organizations must rely on document security systems to keep mission-critical and classified information safe in the cloud. Effective document security systems mean that employees can access files from anywhere in the world and the IT staff and executive … Read more

Types of Encryption: What Should Your Business Use?

What Level of Data Encryption Does Your Business Need? The reason why your business must encrypt its data isn’t a terribly hard concept to understand ”“ the need to protect sensitive information speaks for itself. Cyberattacks and data breaches, like the ones we’ve all seen in the news, cancost a company millions of dollars, deteriorate … Read more

Life Sciences Company finds Security with CapLinked

VDR Solution Leads to Easy Communication with Corporate Board   In this case study we’ll explore how a publicly-traded life sciences company used CapLinked’s virtual data room (VDR) software to safely communicate with their corporate board. With a market cap in the hundreds of millions of dollars, they’re one of the fastest growing genetic information … Read more

Keep Your Deals Out of the News (until you’re ready) with CapLinked VDR security features

Dealmakers cannot assume their team members will protect confidential information. CapLinked(tm) provides advanced security features for Virtual Data Room administrators to quickly and effectively limit the distribution of sensitive files. People could be excused for thinking all executives protect confidential information. Until news broke that in one case administrative access to Equifax’ sensitive customer data … Read more

Solving the Enterprise Digital Rights Management (DRM) Problem

Why Digital Rights Management Gets a Bad Wrap For many IT departments and business users, DRM has become a four-letter word. Enterprise digital rights management (DRM) has a bad reputation as a hard-to-use technology that never quite works right. DRM typically refers to access control systems used to restrict access to proprietary or sensitive materials. In … Read more