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Life Sciences Company finds Security with CapLinked

VDR Solution Leads to Easy Communication with Corporate Board   In this case study we’ll explore how a publicly-traded life sciences company used CapLinked’s virtual data room (VDR) software to safely communicate with their corporate board. With a market cap in the hundreds of millions of dollars, they’re one of the fastest growing genetic information … Read more

Keep Your Deals Out of the News (until you’re ready) with CapLinked VDR security features

Dealmakers cannot assume their team members will protect confidential information. CapLinked(tm) provides advanced security features for Virtual Data Room administrators to quickly and effectively limit the distribution of sensitive files. People could be excused for thinking all executives protect confidential information. Until news broke that in one case administrative access to Equifax’ sensitive customer data … Read more

Solving the Enterprise Digital Rights Management (DRM) Problem

Why Digital Rights Management Gets a Bad Wrap For many IT departments and business users, DRM has become a four-letter word. Enterprise digital rights management (DRM) has a bad reputation as a hard-to-use technology that never quite works right. DRM typically refers to access control systems used to restrict access to proprietary or sensitive materials. In … Read more

The Growing Role of Cloud Access Security Brokers in Enterprise

The decision for technology giants Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Adobe, among others, to deliver significant parts of their services through the cloud has elevated the status of cloud computing from a trendy buzzword to a legitimate option for today’s modern businesses. Further proof of the impact of cloud computing is a study by cloud management company … Read more

Dropbox Data Breach and Truly Secure File Sharing

Here at CapLinked, we’re often asked by potential clients “Why should I pay more for CapLinked? Isn’t data storage dirt cheap?” It’s true, cloud storage platforms often offer file sharing starting at less than $10 per user per month. And these platforms are great for quickly sharing personal files like pictures, videos, and music with friends and family. They’re even useful … Read more

Whitepaper: Security Checklist for Cloud Software

Cloud-based applications are a crucial component of the modern office. With all the options for file sharing and document management, it’s hard to know which solutions will meet your firm’s security needs. CapLinked’s free whitepaper, Security Checklist for Cloud Software, explains how to what to look for when evaluating cloud applications, including: Types of data … Read more

Cloud-based storage solutions for the BYODevice Market

With ever-increasing connectivity, the global data environment is fast becoming a mobile world.   Whether accessing data through USB drives, smart phones, tablets, or laptops, the ability of companies to monitor and control data has emerged as a formidable challenge. Mobile access has driven the evolution of a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) culture in … Read more