GigaOm recently published an article on the ever-increasing importance of data security to the average consumer. Entitled “Data Privacy isn’t political – it’s personal,” the article explains how United States companies are loosing business due to the recent NSA security breaches.

An excerpt from the article:

“In the post-Snowden world, the location and security of data is not just a political issue, it’s a personal issue. Customer concerns over data privacy are having a drastic and unprecedented impact on how internet service providers, telecommunications companies and web hosting providers do business – and who they do business with.”

Here at CapLinked, we place a huge emphasis on security. We employ two-factor authentication, digital rights management, and watermarking to ensure that your sensitive data is secure on our servers. In addition, SSL encryption is utilized during the upload and download processes. To learn what CapLinked can do for you, schedule a demo today.