What is FileProtect?

It’s a next-generation Digital Rights Management (DRM) tool that enhances document security by letting you decide who can access a document after it’s downloaded.

How does it work?

FileProtect enables administrators to revoke access to Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files even after they are downloaded by a third-party from a CapLinked workspace. Administrators can also set a future date at which access to any document will be revoked, as well as control whether or not users can print or edit downloaded documents.


What makes FileProtect the best option for DRM?

Unlike other DRM tools on the market, CapLinked’s FileProtect does not require the use of plugins or software, making it extremely easy-to-use. This powerful technology is perfect for highly sensitive collaborations such as financings, rights sales, asset-backed securities, and M&A deals.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit our FileProtect page.