In a global economy changing faster than ever before, the role of the General Counsel (GC) has become pivotal to the success of a company. GCs must identify beneficial business ventures and oversee all legal and regulatory processes to keep their organization running as efficiently as possible.

“Big 4” auditor Deloitte recently published The Risk Intelligent General Counsel, which notes the heavy demands being placed on GCs:

“The general counsel…must not only keep up, but stay ahead. Trying to do so with the frameworks, thinking, and tools of the past can be frustrating. It is may be time to update, to move from giving your organization a sense of direction to providing more guidance and leadership in this area.”

The switch from traditional data storage systems to a streamlined, cloud-based platform can assist GCs by:

Increasing insight by providing audit trails of users on the platform
Improving security through customizable permissions determined by the administrator
Providing analytics for which files were viewed, how many times, and by which user to give precise, evidence-based advice

Cloud-based solutions, including CapLinked, increase both speed and security for GCs working with sensitive documents. Interested in reading more? The full writeup from Deloitte can be found here.

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