Utilize the following 3 resources to learn how to raise capital, manage and execute deals, or find investment opportunites on CapLinked.

Webinar: Learn How to Use CapLinked

This week’s webinar is perfect for anyone looking to establish a professional presence on CapLinked or gain a deeper understanding of how CapLinked works.  Learn how to build  professional profile and company pages, populate and share deal rooms, and import your professional network.  See how easy companies and deals are to establish, share, and manage.  All of these steps optimize interaction with and exposure to investors and other stakeholders.

View the recording: Learn How to Get the Most out of CapLinked

CapLinked Quick Start Guide

Check out our Quick Start Guide for immediate CapLinked education. Download the PDF, and use it as a reference while learning how to experience the full capacity of CapLinked’s advanced tools.

Download the PDF

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Introducing CapLinked University

CapLinked University is your central hub for updates and instructions on CapLinked. monitor CU for updated guides, in-depth walkthroughs, and new product updates. Find it on the right side of your dashboard or click ‘Start Learning’ below.