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Network Stacking: The New Model for Growing Online Networks

Our co-Founder, Eric Jackson, wrote a guest post for Wedbush on the topic of “The Second Internet” A decade ago, PayPal pioneered the concept of the “stackable network” by growing its network on top of eBay’s. Today, online networks are leveraging the giant social networking sites to follow in PayPal’s footsteps, making it easier and … Read more

What is this Due Diligence Thing Anyway?

One of the least understood, yet most important, parts of the investment business is due diligence. Everybody has a different idea of what it is, why it exists, and how it should be conducted. For many entrepreneurs and brokers, due diligence is the enemy. They fear due diligence will be used and excuse to kill … Read more

Why the World Needs CapLinked

Investment into private companies is widespread and critical for the American economy. Over 600,000 businesses are started in the United States each year and annual investment by individuals into private companies has been estimated in the range of $160 billion. Approximately 8 million Americans have put money into someone else’s business through a debt or … Read more