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Virtual Data Rooms for Biotech and Pharma M&A

VDRs for Biotech and Pharma M&As

Earlier this year, FIerceBiotech pointed out that biopharma had $1.7 trillion to spend on merger and acquisition (M&A) deals in 2022. Large pharma companies like Novartis, Pfizer and Merck & Co. have made it clear that they’re on the hunt for acquisitions, noted FierceBiotech. These stockpiles of cash are due to many large pharma players … Read more

How To Sign and Date PDF Documents With CapLinked

Every year, more than 400 billion PDFs are opened in Adobe software alone. Since its inception way back in 1993, the portable document format has endured, largely thanks to its compact file size, cross-platform compatibility, versatility and graphical integrity. Not the least of its enduring features, though, is the ability to be signed and dated, … Read more

How Long Should You Keep Tax Records in Your VDR?

It’s been said that nothing is certain except death and taxes, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is said to be unforgiving, so keep your records. The IRS is a tough foe to battle, so once you’ve filed your taxes, you better make sure you have all your accounting straight in the (highly unlikely) event … Read more

Virtual Data Rooms For Legal Compliance and Due Diligence

how to encrypt word document

In an effort to keep business practices legally compliant, companies need to share documents that ensure they are adhering to a wide array of standards. Conducting due diligence, leaving behind a full audit trail, and compiling a list of people with access to sensitive documents are all crucial aspects to cleanly running a business. Businesses … Read more

Due Diligence for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industries need tools that ensure transaction success. More even than in other sectors, the speed and efficiency at which the due diligence process is carried out is critical in healthcare and life sciences, as any delays or disruptions could mean the prevention of the delivery of important therapies and treatments.  … Read more

Virtual Data Protection: Can VDRs Be Hacked?

Hardly a week goes by without a news story of another data breach or hack. Whether it’s mischief caused by professional hackers, amateurs causing chaos for fun, foreign nationals looking to breach government or military computers, or serious cybercriminals intent on holding a network hostage with ransomware, breaches happen frequently, and it’s a dangerous world … Read more

Virtual Data Rooms in Investment Banking

types of assets in M&A deals

Investment banking is highly complex. Whether an M&A, private equity, divestiture, recapitalization, bankruptcy or any liquidity event, it’s not simply the C-Suite of the companies involved who must review documents and financial statements. Dozens of external bankers, lawyers, accountants, advisors, consultants and other professionals — from all sides of the transaction — must also be … Read more